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Mammals are warm-blooded vertebrate animals who give birth to live youngs (with very few exceptions). Mammals produce nutrient-rich milk with which they feed their young. Common mammals include cats, dogs, bears, rodents, sheeps, cows and humans. Most mammals have hair on their body, specialized teeth, and neocortex, a layer of the brain that gives mammals superior intelligence compared to other types of animals.
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Grades: All
Discover facts about mammals.

Big Cats
Grades: All
Learn about jaguars, tigers and mountain lions - mammals who rule their respective kingdoms.

Primates of Indonesia
Grades: All
Learn about the primates of Indonesia - from gibbons to orangutans, and how they differ.

Thirsty Manatees
Grades: All
Find out about manatees. Manatees resort to desperate measures to find fresh water to drink in the increasingly salty Everglades.

Wild Rhinos
Grades: All
Discover facts about wild rhinoceros. Rhinoceros have long suffered due to humans activities and poaching. Learn how a small, dedicated group is trying to undo some of the damage.

Quake Pandas Hanging On
Grades: All
A short film on Pandas in China.

Beavers Are Genius
Grades: All
Learn about beavers. In the Rocky Mountains, watch beavers as they build ponds, passageways and warm winter homes.

Lives of Lions
Grades: All
A big - and loud - as they are, lions on the hunt are masters of stealth. Learn more about lions in this video.

Fast and Furious: Lives of Cheetahs
Grades: All
Discover facts about the cheetah, the world's fastest land animal. We're talking zero to 45 mph in 2.5 seconds flat!

Grades: All
A video on Bears.

Bear Attack
Grades: All
In this video a bear attacks a hunter, leaving his friends to ponder his fate.

What in the World is a Pangolin?
Grades: All
Learn about the pangolin. It looks like a walking artichoke! And though it's a mammal, it has no teeth, and uses a long, sticky tongue to grab a meal.

Displaying Chimps
Grades: All
Chimpanzees are the closest living relatives to humans. And like some humans, male chimpanzees strut their stuff to show who's the boss and who's the chump!

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