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Frequently Asked Questions - Subscriptions

What is included in the NeoK12 subscription?
NeoK12 offers two different subscription plans - Teacher Plan and Individual Plan. Both plans include access to online educational tools and 2,500+ interactive games & activities such as quiz games, quiz builder, interactive diagrams, flowchart games, vocabulary games, jigsaw and slide puzzles and presentation tools. A subscriber also gets a dashboard panel for managing and sharing favorite items. Try out a few of our free interactives & tools here.

The 'Teacher Plan' additionally includes student access to all the interactive items shortlisted on the teacher's dashboard using a shared password. Opt for the 'Teacher Plan' if you are a teacher or an educator who plans to use NeoK12 in the classroom. The 'Individual Plan' is suited for personal home use, homeschooling and for students.

What is the dashboard?
The dashboard is a personal shareable page where a subscriber may bookmark favorite interactive games and videos from across the NeoK12 website, along with notes. It can be shared online using a URL The dashboard also lists the user-generated content such as presentations, games etc. created using NeoK12's online tools. When logged in, the dashboard button appears at the upper-right side of all our pages.

How does the student access work in the Teacher Plan?
A 'Teacher Plan' subscriber receives a 6-digit code called the 'guest password'. Students may log in using the teacher's username and the shared guest password. They can access only the content shortlisted/bookmarked on the teacher's dashboard, and not the whole website.

Can I have a trial account?
NeoK12 does not provide a trial account, but few of the tools, games and activities of each type are freely accessible here. It also links to full lists of different interactive content categorized by topics and grade levels. We recommend trying out the free games and browsing through the website to get a reasonably good idea of NeoK12's offerings before making a purchase.

How do I subscribe to NeoK12?
Click the 'Subscribe' link at the bottom of our pages, or when prompted on clicking a subscriber item. After choosing a subscription plan, you may pay using your credit/debit card, or with paypal (view payment help). Your account will be created and activated instantly. Your purchase is a one-time charge and there is no automatic renewal. All payments are securely processed by Paypal (an eBay company), and payment information is not handled by NeoK12.

How long is my subscription active?   How do I renew?
NeoK12 subscriptions are active for 1 full calendar year i.e. 365 days from the date of purchase. Since we do not renew automatically, please click the 'subscribe' link in the footer or the 'renew' link on your dashboard page to pay and renew manually.

How do I sign in?   What do I do if I forget my username or password?
All NeoK12 pages have a 'Your Account' section at the upper-right side. Click the 'Login / Join' button to sign in. It also has a 'Forgot Password' link in case you forget the password or username. Enter your username or registered email id to retrieve your login details by email.

What do I need to use NeoK12 properly?
NeoK12 recommends using the latest browser version (preferably Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer/Edge).

Does it work on iPads and Android tablets?
NeoK12's educational tools, games and activities work on iPads and Android tablets using the device's default browser (Safari or Chrome), and it requires Internet/Wifi connectivity. There are no standalone installable apps yet.

How do I get support?
You may reach us using the 'contact us' page when you need assistance. There is also a feedback link at the bottom of most pages. Each request is assigned a ticket # and the usual resolution time is in the range of couple of hours or sooner.

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