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Birds are warm-blooded vertebrate animals with feathers. Most birds have wings that they use for flying in the air. They usually walk on their two hind limbs. Birds range in size from as small as 2 inches (hummingbirds) to as large as over 8 feet (Ostrich). Birds generally have a beak with no teeth, hollow light bones and they lay eggs with hard-shell.
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Grades: All
Discover facts about the Atlantic puffin. In Iceland's remote Westman Islands, warming weather is threatening a beloved mascot: the Atlantic puffin.

Eagle vs. Eagle in Mid-air
Grades: All
Sea eagles clash in an aerial dogfight as they fight over food and territory. Learn more about sea eagles.

High-Velocity Falcon
Grades: All
Discover facts about the peregrine falcon. How fast can a peregrine falcon fly? One scientist aims to find out by skydiving along with the birds.

Snowy Owl
Grades: All
Learn about snowy owls. A snowy owl father hunts round the clock to feed his hungry chicks.

Birds of Paradise - Lovebirds
Grades: All
Learn about lovebirds. Lovebirds set up house in a tree hollow and begin their courtship rituals.

Birds of Paradise - Toucan
Grades: All
Toucans - see these colorful, long-billed birds move around their forest habitat.

Underwater Diving Bird
Grades: All
Meet a bird that can 'fly' underwater!

Snowy Egret's Nest
Grades: All
In a cruel Darwinian struggle, baby egrets see who will stay in the nest, and who will be sacrificed to the alligator waiting below.

Snow Goose
Grades: All
The Snow Goose is found in North America. Discover facts about the Snow Goose.

Undertakers of the Sky - Condors
Grades: All
When death arrives, the clean up crew is close behind. Learn all about condors.

Emperor Penguins
Grades: All
Emperor penguins breed in the heart of the Antarctic winter when temperatures reach -60C - cold enough to make human skin freeze and teeth crack. They waddle and toboggan for up to 60km across the frozen sea to reach their breeding colonies, where they huddle tightly together to keep warm. Learn all about Emperor Penguins!

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