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Insects are the most diverse group of animals on our planet and represent over 90% of life forms on Earth. Insects range in size from as small as a pencil tip to as large as 6 inches in size. Almost all insects are born from eggs laid by female insects. Adult insects usually have 3 pairs of legs and 3 body sections called head, thorax and abdomen. Ants, butterflies, beetles and bees are one of the most common insects.
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Parasitic Wasps
Grades: All
Learn about black wasps have their own tactics and methods when it comes to pest control.

Leafcutter Ants
Grades: All
Amazing leafcutter ants. With jaws vibrating 1000 times per second these ants make mincemeat of leaves in a jiffy!

South American Centipede
Grades: All
Discover facts about the giant South American centipede. This centipede sheds and eats its own 'skin,' but is still hungry for more!

Burying Beetles
Grades: All
Learn about American Burying Beetles. These beetles bury the carcasses of small vertebrates such as birds and rodents as a food source for their larvae.

Rhinoceros Beetle
Grades: All
The Hercules beetle can lift the human equivalent of a 65-ton object! Find out what else the big bug can do.

African Dung Beetle
Grades: All
Sacred to ancient Egyptians, these African beetles recycle - of all things - dung.

The Mosquito
Grades: All
Discover facts about mosquitoes. Did you know that mosquito biting activity increases 500 times during a full moon phase!

Killer Bees
Grades: All
African honeybees, also called 'killer bees', have reproduced in great numbers in the Amazon rainforest, forming aggressive swarms. Now, some of these dangerous swarms have moved to the U.S.

Giant Honey Bees
Grades: All
Visit Malaysia to take a closer look at the life of the world's largest honey bees in a very defensive colony of killer bees.

Inside the Bee Hive
Grades: All
Take an inside look at a honeybee hive, including the labors of the queen, worker bees and drones, and remarkable close-up footage of the honeybee's 'waggle dance.'

Bee vs. Jumping Spider
Grades: All
Learn about at an amazing spider that can jump 50 times its body length. That's bad news for its intended victim - in this case, a bee.

Grades: All
The venomous sting of Japanese giant hornets is so strong that it can dissolve human tissue. But these hornets are no match for the bees!

Monarch Butterflies
Grades: All
Discover facts about the monarch butterfly. These magnificent butterflies are in trouble because their wintering grounds in Mexico are in peril.

Termite World
Grades: All
Jump into the wonderful world of the termites in South Africa to better understand the ways in which these amazing animals ventilate their homes, breed, and fight for survival.

Grades: All
Did you know cockroaches are one of the most resilient creatures on this Earth? Find out why they are so hard to exterminate.

Grades: All
Discover interesting facts about spiders.

Giant Tarantula
Grades: All
The Giant Tarantula is the largest spider in the world, and it is out on a hunt. But is it as dangerous as it seems?

Should We All Be Eating Insects?
Grade: 5 - 12
Human population will hit nearly 10 billion by 2050. That's a lot of mouths to feed. Could these creepy crawlers be the future of food?

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