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Facts about Rhinos
Lowry Park Zoo by kthypryn on Flickr

  • The smallest rhino is 6 ft high and 12 ft long
  • The largest rhino can weigh over 3 tons
  • The weakest of senses rhinos have, is probably its sense of sight
  • Rhinos have teeth that are flat because they only eat plants
  • Rhinos have either strait or curve tails
  • Rhinos have no predators
  • A black rhino is not black
  • Baby rhinos weigh 35 lbs as newborns most of the time weigh 40 lbs
  • Rhinos can run up to 11 mph.

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Rhinoceros front foot by bobosh_t on Flickr

  • There are 15,000 Rhinos in Africa and 3,000 Rhinos in Asia
  • People try to save Rhinos
  •  If feels in danger, if you or another animal trespasses on it's land
  •  Depending on the species, Rhinos live between 30 and 50 years
  •  The worlds Rhino population has decreased 90% since 1970 due to poaching
  • Rhinos use dung poop to communicate  with other Rhinos

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DSC_0679 by bobosh_t on Flickr

  • Rhinos have only 1 baby at a time
  • The black, or hooked lipped rhino, along with all other Rhino species, is an odd toed ungulate (three toes on each foot
  • A black rhino is pregnant usually between 419 and 478 days or 15 to 16 months
  • Approx two meters wide three meters long
  • Most baby rhinos weigh between 88 and 140 pounds on average depending on the specific sub-species
  • Rhinos are endangered - pouching is the biggest threat to rhinos in the wild

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