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World War 1 for Kids

World War I

World War I was a large-scale military conflict involving European nations, United States and other nations across the world. The war lasted from August 4, 1914 to November 11, 1918. More than 15 million people were killed and 20 million people were wounded, making it one of the most devastating conflicts ever. The war ended with the defeat of the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire, and the Russian Empire. The League of Nations, an inter-governmental organization, was formed in the hope of preventing another such conflict, but it failed to prevent the World War II, a larger and deadlier global war that started in 1939.
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Quiz on World War I (Key Figures)Identify World War 1 Leaders
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Outbreak of World War I
Grade: 8 - 12
World War I lesson - An overview of the outbreak of the First World War, including the Schlieffen Plan.

World War One: 1914 - 1918 Map
Grade: 8 - 12
Learn about the First World War, a global military conflict that embroiled most of the world's great powers, assembled in two opposing alliances. Over 70 million military personnel were mobilized in one of the largest wars in history, and over 15 million people were killed, making it one of the deadliest conflicts in history.

World War I: The War to End All Wars
Grade: 8 - 12
Lesson on World War I.

Origins of World War I, part 1
Grade: 8 - 12
Learn about the events in Europe which led to the outbreak of the Great War in 1914.

Origins of World War I, part 1
Grade: 8 - 12

World History: Archdukes, Cynicism, and World War I
Grade: 8 - 12
World War I for Kids. The lesson explains how the assassination of an Austrian Archduke kicked off a new kind of war that involved more nations and more people than any war that came before. It involved use of new technology like machine guns, airplanes, tanks, and poison gas made the killing more efficient than ever.

World War I: U.S. Army Battles in France
Grade: 8 - 12
A video on World War I - The Western Front, March-September 1918

World War I: Early Years
Grade: 8 - 12
The video discusses the early period of the Word War I.

First World War - Footage
Grade: 8 - 12
Rare footage of the First World War.

Treaty of Versailles
Grade: 8 - 12
Learn about the Treaty of Versailles, the main peace treaty signed at the end of World War I.

Trench Warfare in WW1
Grade: 8 - 12
A presentation on trench warfare of World War I.

WW1 - Life in the Trenches
Grade: 8 - 12
A short colorized video of original film taken during the First World War.

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