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About Us

At NeoK12, we believe that kids learn best when they 'see' how things work, when, where and why they happen. Watching educational videos is a great way to learn because it allows kids to build a visual picture or model in their mind. The visual dimension not only helps them understand concepts better, but also stimulates curiosity and encourages self-learning. Educational videos are possibly one of the most effective learning tools, and honestly, even most grown-ups will find them enriching and entertaining as well.

NeoK12 also features innovative tools for learning and teaching. Our Quiz Games, Interactive Diagrams, Flow Chart Games, Vocabulary Games and other educational games & puzzles are a fun, interactive way to improve learning outcomes. Our School Presentation tool lets users create and share interesting online presentations on a wide range of topics. Together, these are excellent interactive whiteboard resources for classroom engagement. Teachers can create dashboards with selected content and instructions, and share it online with their students. When kids love what they're doing, such as playing with our interactive content, learning becomes easier and more effective leading to better performance at school.

We are always interested in understanding how we can make NeoK12 a better experience for our kids and teachers. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write to us.

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