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Interactive Diagrams

Science Diagrams
Life Sciences
Cell DivisionLabel the Diagram of Mitosis,   Meiosis,   Meiosis (Easy)
Cell StructuresLabel the Diagram of a Plant Cell,   Animal Cell
FossilsIdentify and Label the Fossils,   Prehistoric Animals
GeneticsLabel the Diagram of Cell and DNA
MetamorphosisLabel the Diagram of Frog Life Cycle,   Insect Life Cycle
PhotosynthesisLabel the Photosynthesis DiagramLeaf Anatomy Diagram
PlantsLabel the Diagram of Plant & Flower
PollinationIdentify the Pollinators,   Parts of a Flower
AmphibiansIdentify the Amphibians,   Label the Frog Life Cycle Diagram
BirdsIdentify the Birds (#1),   Birds (#2)
InsectsLabel the Diagram of Insect Life Cycle,   Identify the Insects
MammalsIdentify and Label the Mammals
Marine AnimalsIdentify and Label the Marine Animals
MicroorganismsLabel the Structure of Bacteria
Prehistoric AnimalsIdentify the Prehistoric Animals,   Label the Fossils
ReptilesIdentify and Label the Reptiles
Human Body
Circulatory SystemLabel the Diagram of Circulatory System,   Human Heart
Digestive SystemLabel the Diagram of Human Digestive System
Diagram of Nutrition & Health
Nervous SystemLabel the Diagram of Neuron,   Human Brain
Diagram of Human Eye,   Human Ear
Reproductive SystemLabel the Diagram of Human Reproductive System
Respiratory SystemLabel the Diagram of Human Respiratory System
Skeletal SystemLabel the Diagram of Human Skeletal System
Label the Parts and Types of Joints,     Structure of Bone
Urinary SystemLabel the Diagram of Human Urinary System
Physical Sciences
AtomLabel the Diagrams of Atom,     Periodic Table Groups
Gold Foil Experiment,     Cathode Ray Experiment
ElectricityLabel the Diagrams on Electricity
ElectromagnetismLabel the Diagram of Electromagnetic Bell
Energy and WorkIdentify and Label the Forms of Energy,   Types of Forces
Energy SourcesLabel the Energy Sources
Heat & TemperatureLabel the Diagram of Heat & Temperature
Light and OpticsLabel the Diagram of Human Eye
MagnetismLabel Diagram of Earth's Magnetism,   Electromagnetic Bell
Scientific MethodLabel the Scientific Method Diagram
Simple MachinesLabel the Diagram of Simple Machines
SoundLabel the Diagram of Human Ear
States of MatterLabel the Diagram of States of Matter
Types of ForcesIdentify and Label the Types of Forces
Periodic TableLabel the Periodic Table Groups,   Diagrams of Atom
Earth and Space
CometsLabel the Diagram of a Comet
EarthLabel the Structure of the Earth,   Earth's Magnetism
Seasons,   Mountains,   Oceans,   Deserts
Label the Countries,   Top World Cities
EclipseLabel the Diagram of Lunar Eclipse,   Solar Eclipse
MoonLabel the Phases of the Moon,   Lunar Eclipse
Solar SystemLabel the Diagram of the Solar System
SunLabel the Diagram of Solar Eclipse
UniverseLabel the Types of Astronomical Objects
Carbon CycleLabel the Diagram of Carbon Cycle
DesertsLabel the Major Deserts of the World
EcosystemsIdentify & Label Ecosystems, Food Chain
Label the Levels of Organization
Label the Trophic Levels of Ecosystem
GeographyLabel the Countries on World Map,   Label the US States
Label the Map of Europe,   Top World Cities
Earth Diagrams,   Earth's Magnetism,   Seasons
Mountains,   Oceans,   Deserts,   Rock CycleWater Cycle
Carbon CycleEcosystemsFossilsNatural Disasters
MountainsIdentify and Label the Mountains
Natural DisastersIdentify the Natural Disasters
Natural ResourcesIdentify the Natural Resources
OceansIdentify and Label the Oceans
SeasonsLabel the Diagram - Seasons
Types of RocksLabel the Diagram of Rock Cycle
VolcanoesLabel the Diagram of Volcano
Water CycleLabel the Diagram of Water Cycle
History / Social Studies
American Civil WarLabel the American Civil War Timeline
American RevolutionLabel the American Revolution Timeline
Civil Rights MovementLabel the Civil Rights Movement Timeline
World War ILabel the Map of Europe during WWI
World War IILabel the World War II Timeline
Ancient EgyptLabel the Symbols of Ancient Egypt
French RevolutionLabel the French Revolution Timeline

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