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How do I log in?
You are automatically logged in after you subscribe or renew. If you're not logged in, follow these steps:
Look for the 'Your Account' box on the page. Click the 'Login / Join' button.
Enter your username (or email) and password, and click the Login button.
Once logged in, you'll see your name and the button to go to your dashboard.
I forgot my password, what next?
Click the 'Forgot Password' link in the login box. Next enter your 'User Name' OR your registered 'Email Address', and submit. You will receive your login information by email in a few minutes. (In case you don't see it, do check your spam folder.)
How do I go to my dashboard?
Click under 'Your Account' to go to your dashboard.
Your students go to it using your dashboard URL:
Your dashboard is your personal shareable page. Click 'Edit Profile' to edit your details & password.
This section lists your bookmarked items including favorite videos, quiz games, diagrams & other activities. Click the edit icon to edit each item or to remove.
Click the first button to view subscription details; the second one to log out.
This section lists the presentations and quiz games that you've made. Click the edit icon to remove items.
How do I change my password or edit my profile?   How do I edit or delete items on my dashboard?
How do I find my subscription status?   How do I logout?
Please view the comment bubbles in the above dashboard screenshot to perform these activities.
I just renewed my subscription but still unable to access content.
If you have renewed recently and still see the message 'Your subscription has expired', click the 'Already Renewed?' link shown next to the message. Or, you may log out from the dashboard page, and log in again.
How do I add favorite items to my dashboard?
Click the 'Add to My Dashboard' link just below each interactive item (quiz, diagram, flowchart etc.) or video to bookmark it on to your dashboard. The link is highlighted below with red arrows. You'll be prompted to login if you're not logged in.
How do my students get access with the guest/student password?
Teacher Plan subscriptions include guest access for students. The student access is limited to the items listed on your dashboard. Your students can't modify your dashboard content, and there are two ways to provide student access:
Option 1: Your students may log in the same way as you do, but with your username and the 6-digit student password.
This is the simplest way. Students will see your dashboard page where they can access the listed content.
Option 2: Instead of logging in, your students may
visit your dashboard using the URL:
(replace USERNAME with yours).
When your students click on the bookmarked interactive items (quiz, diagram, flowchart & other activities) on your dashboard, they will be prompted to enter the guest/student password as shown here.
How do I test this?
First, log out from your dashboard. Next, type in your dashboard URL, and click a listed item (quiz, diagram etc.), and enter your student password when prompted. Later, after the test, don't forget to log back in as 'teacher' for full access to the site.
How to share activities on Google Classroom, Remind, my web page etc?
If you've a Teacher Plan subscription, your students can sign in with your username and guest/student password to view your dashboard and access all the listed items. Apart from that, you can also create assignments in Google Classroom etc. with links to specific activities/videos. First, make sure you're signed in as a teacher. Then:
Option 1: At the top of each activity or below each video, there are buttons for sharing on Google Classroom or Remind.
Click or tap the desired share button to create an assignment with details and link to the activity/video.
Option 2: To share one or more activities/videos listed on your dashboard page, right-click on the links(s) one at a time.
On the right-click menu, click the 'Copy link address' option to copy the link and paste it in your assignment.
In either case, students will be prompted to sign in (one time) when they visit the assignment activities.
How do I use NeoK12 on an iPad or Android tablet?
NeoK12 works the same way on an iPad or Android tablet as it does on a desktop. Use your browser to visit and log in. Your device should be connected to a WiFi network or the Internet.
Can I enlarge the games or the text on the screen?
Yes. There are two ways of doing this:
1. Click anywhere on an activity/game area, and press the 'F' key to go full screen. Press the 'Esc' key to return to normal.
2. Or, use the browser's zoom feature (from its menu) to enlarge the page content.
Some pages are not working, what should I do?
Sometimes NeoK12 pages may be truncated during loading or your browser may be loading an older version from its cache.
Please try these steps (in this order) and check each time:
1. Refresh the page in your browser by clicking the 'Refresh' button or icon. (or Press [F5] or [Ctrl + F5] on Windows, [⌘ + R] on Mac)
2. Click the 'Logout' button (in the 'Your Account' box, or on your dashboard). Login to NeoK12 again.
3. Clear your browser's cache (how to?). Note that this may also clear out your browser's history and saved data.
If the problem is not resolved, email us about the problem and preferably attach a screenshot of the page (how to?).
If you need assistance, please email us at  or contact us here - we're happy to help!
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