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Payment Options and Help

Payments for NeoK12 subscriptions are securely handled and processed by PayPal (an eBay company). Please refer to the following instructions to make your payment smoothly. If you are located outside the US, you can still make a payment and you will be billed in your local currency by your credit/debit card issuing bank. For any assistance, please email us at or contact us.
Step 1:

NeoK12 accepts payments made using a Credit or Debit Card, or through a PayPal account.

You'll see a payment screen as shown on the right. Please click one of the options as highlighted by the red arrows shown.

You do NOT require a PayPal account, nor you need to join PayPal to pay using Credit or Debit Card.
Step 2:

To pay by a Credit or Debit Card, click 'Don't have a PayPal account' link. You will see one of the two screens shown on the right, based on your location.

Fill in your card details along with your billing address. On successful payment, you'll get a confirmation page with a link/button to return back to the NeoK12 website.

NeoK12 will provide subscription details online as well as via email, and automatically log you in.

For help, contact us or email us at
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