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Seasons are divisions of the year, defined by changes in weather and the position of Earth in its orbit around the Sun. The seasons occur because of the tilt in the Earth's axis with respect to the plane of Earth's orbit. Spring, summer, autumn and winter are four well recognized seasons. In some tropical regions, there may be additional periods such as a dry season or a rainy season.
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What Causes the Earth's Seasons?
Grades: All
Video on Earth's seasons. Learn what causes the change in seasons? Earth's seasons are determined by the planet's tilt and our annual trip around the sun.

Geography - Change of Seasons
Grades: All
The presentation explains the reasons behind change of seasons on Earth.

Heat and Weather
Grades: All
The lesson explores both convection and radiation to explain how weather is related to the transfer of heat energy. Movements of warm ocean currents can have profound effects on global weather.

Four Seasons - Time Lapse
Grades: All
A time-lapse presentation of the four seasons in 5 minutes.

One Year in Two Minutes
Grades: All
Watch the seasonal changes during a whole year go by in just 2 minutes!

Basics of Geography: Climate
Grades: All
Lesson on Climate - the average weather prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.

Our World: What is Weather?
Grades: All
Explore the relationship between weather and climate. Find out more about the interconnectedness of heat, air pressure, winds, and moisture to produce local weather.

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