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Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are events caused by forces of nature that cause destruction of life and/or property. Well known natural disasters include avalanches, earthquakes, mud slides, volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis, cyclones, storms, droughts, tornadoes, forest fires, epidemics and famine.
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Avalanches 101
Grades: All
Learn what is an avalanche. Find out about the warning signs of an avalanche before it's triggered.

Volcano 101
Grades: All
Learn what is a volcano. These rifts in the Earth, spewing lava, gases and ash, are immense forces of nature.

Inside a Volcano
Grades: All
The presentation reveals Earth's volcanoes. Explore the science and beauty of these natural features.

Tsunami 101
Grades: All
Find out how a tsunami is born and how it destroys with its immense power.

Earthquake and Tsunami, Japan, 2011
Grades: All
Video footage of the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami as it unfolded.

Hurricanes in Action
Grades: All
Lesson on hurricanes. Watch hurricanes batter coastlines and send deadly debris flying through the air.

Tornado on the Turnpike
Grades: All
Watch a tornado as a news crew takes cover under a highway overpass.

How Does a Tornado Form?
Grades: All
The awesome power of this devastating force of nature can humble mankind. Find out where do these twisters come from, and just how destructive can they get.

Inside the Tornado
Grades: All
US is the tornado capital of the world with more than 1000 tornadoes touching down every year. When most people are running away, watch a team of scientists heading straight for it.

Tornadoes, Lightning in Rare Video
Grades: All
Inside a tornado in super slow-motion - see a high-tech tornado chaser's stunning footage of twisters, and of lightning as you've never seen it!

Earthquake Destruction
Grades: All
Learn about earthquakes. See earthquakes pound San Francisco and pulverize Taiwan.

Earthquakes 101
Grades: All
Find out about earthquakes, their warning signs, how they occur and their aftermath.

Earthquakes (Richter Scale)
Grades: All
Learn about the Richter Scale - a way to measure the magnitude of earthquakes.

Storm Surge
Grades: All
Find out about storm surges. While filming storm surges, a cameraman gets too close to the action.

Flood News Report
Grades: All
Flood news report covering the 2011 Queensland flood in Australia.

Doomsday Asteroid
Grades: All
With thousands of asteroids, comets and other near-Earth object buzzing by our planet, find out how we can avoid the same fate as the dinosaurs.

Could We Stop an Asteroid?
Grades: All
Big asteroids have regularly hit the Earth in the past, and will do so in the future. Could we stop an asteroid on a collision course for Earth?

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