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Pollination is the process by which pollen from the anthers of a flower is transferred to the stigma of the same flower or of another flower. This enables fertilization which results in development of seeds from the flower. Most plants need outside help in moving pollen, such as wind or insects like bees and butterflies.
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Pollination Basics, #1Pollination Quiz #2Wind vs. Insect Pollination
Pollination Basics, #2Pollination Quiz #3Insect vs. Bird Pollination
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The Beauty Of Pollination
Grades: All
See the beauty of pollination in this amazing video. It shows how all life on Earth is dependent to each other.

Plant Reproduction - Methods of Pollination
Grade: 2 - 12
Pollination for kids. Pollination occurs when pollen is moved within flowers or carried from flower to flower by pollinating animals. It leads to fertilization which allows the flowers to develop seeds.

Pollination, Plants and Insects
Grade: 2 - 12
The lesson illustrates plant-insect relationships, and explains an interesting pollination process involving insects and milkweed.

Flower Pollination
Grade: 2 - 12
Pollination lesson - Insects transfer pollen from one flower to the next as they move from plant to plant. Fertilization occurs and seeds are formed. Over time, flowers have adapted and developed bright colors, smells and shapes, that successfully entice insects.

Plant Reproduction - Asexual Reproduction
Grade: 2 - 12
A science lesson on asexual reproduction of plants.

Beneficial Pollinators
Grades: All
Without pollinators, humans and wildlife wouldn't have much to eat. Ants, bats, bees, beetles, birds, butterflies, moths, wasps pollinate over 90% of the planet's flowering plants and 75% of human food crops.

Bee Pollinating a Flower
Grades: All
A short clip showing a bee pollinating flower.

Pollination Song
Grade: 2 - 12
An animated song on pollination of flowering plants.

Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant
Grade: 2 - 12
A lesson explaining the full life-cycle of a flowering plant.

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