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Magnetism is an aspect of electromagnetism by which materials exert attractive or repulsive forces on other materials. The most familiar examples of magnetism are the household refrigerator magnets and the compass. Fundamentally, every electron is an extremely tiny magnet. But unless they are aligned together, as in a bar magnet, the effect is undetectable.
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What is the Magnetic Field?
Grade: 4 - 12
Educational video on magnetic fields with answers to viewer questions, brief science lessons, and ideas for teachers and students.

Magnetic Fields
Grade: 4 - 12
Lesson on magnetic fields. It demonstrates the use of compasses to discover magnetic fields.

Electromagnets - How can Electricity Create a Magnet?
Grade: 4 - 12
The presentation helps you understand how electromagnets turn electricity into magnetism.

Magnetic Field Lines
Grade: 4 - 12
A demonstration of magnetic field lines around a simple bar magnet that can be shown by magnetic particles (iron filings here) suspended in a viscous fluid.

Introduction to Magnetism, part 1
Grade: 7 - 12
Magnetism for kids - An introduction to magnetism.

Introduction to Magnetism, part 2
Grade: 7 - 12
Learn about magnetic fields and their effects on moving electrical charges in this lesson.

Experiment : Magnetic Field Viewer
Grade: 7 - 12
A demonstration with suspended steel filaments that make three-dimensional magnetic fields visible.

Electricity and Magnetism Hand Rules
Grade: 7 - 12
Lesson on electricity, electromagnetism and hand rules.

Origin of Earth's Magnetic Field
Grade: 4 - 12
Learn about the origin of Earth's magnetic field, new discoveries and new concepts, published in leading scientific journals.

How Superconducting Magnetic Levitation Works
Grade: 7 - 12
An education presentation explaining how the amazing technology of superconductors in magnetic levitation works.

Solar Particles and Earth's Magnetic Field
Grade: 7 - 12
Learn about the interaction between solar particles and Earth's magnetic field. NASA's THEMIS space mission has overturned a longstanding belief about this interaction.

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