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Global Warming for Kids

Global Warming

Global warming refers to an average increase in the Earth's temperature since the mid-twentieth century, which in turn causes changes in the climate. A warmer Earth may lead to a rise in the sea level, changes in rainfall patterns, and moderate to severe impacts on plants, wildlife and humans. Scientists believe Earth is currently facing a period of rapid warming due to human activities that lead to rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
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Global Warming 101
Grade: 3 - 12
Lesson on global warming. Global warming could not only melt polar icecaps, it could change our maps, and displace millions from cities and tropical islands.

Global Warming: How Humans are Affecting Our Planet
Grade: 3 - 12
Global warming for kids - The video discusses the role humans play in causing global warming. People burn more and more fossil fuels everyday, increasing Earth's temperature. The video explains the effect warmer temperatures are playing on Earth and what people can do to reduce these effects.

Human Footprint
Grade: 3 - 12
The presentation takes a look at the by-products and environmental impact of our consumption - the human footprint.

Car Footprint
Grade: 3 - 12
Cars are everywhere. Watch this video to understand the real impact on the environment over a person's driving lifetime.

Planet Carbon
Grade: 3 - 12
The presentation explains that unchecked carbon accumulation could mean grave consequences for the human societies across the rapidly changing planet.

Monitoring Climate Change
Grade: 3 - 12
How do we know for sure that our climate is changing? Take a look at some of the instruments used to monitor the atmosphere.

5 Human Impacts on the Environment
Grade: 3 - 12
The lesson gives a run down on the top five ways humans are adversely impacting the environment and having detrimental effects on ecosystems across the globe. Learn about - importance of biodiversity, deforestation, desertification, global warming, invasive species, over harvesting.

Could Just One Degree Change the World?
Grade: 3 - 12
Learn how drastically our world could change if the Earth warms by just one degree.

2 Degrees Warmer: Ocean Life in Danger
Grade: 3 - 12
The video explains that if our planet warms by just two degrees, some of the adverse changes to the biosphere are no longer gradual.

3 Degrees Warmer: Heat Wave Fatalities
Grade: 3 - 12
Learn what will happen if our planet warms by just three degrees. The Mediterranean and parts of Europe will wither in the summer's heat.

4 Degrees Warmer: Great Cities Wash Away
Grade: 3 - 12
If our planet warms by four degrees, the oceans will rise and glaciers will disappear, cutting off fresh water to billions of people.

5 Degrees Warmer: Civilization Collapses
Grade: 3 - 12
Find out what will happen if our planet warms by five degrees. Life on Earth will turn into a nightmare as traditional social systems break down throwing everything into chaos.

6 Degrees Warmer: Mass Extinction?
Grade: 3 - 12
If our planet warms by six degrees, oceans will turn into marine wastelands and natural disasters become common events. Life as we know it today will no longer be possible.

Grade: 3 - 12
Lesson on pollution. It explains that pollution takes many forms - from the simplest piece of litter to the more complex chemical spills. Learn about various types of pollution, and the major pollutants.

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