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Deserts are regions on Earth that receive very little rainfall, and have an evaporation rate that exceeds precipitation. Desert have a large temperature variance, rising as high as 55°C in the day and dropping to near freezing in the night. Deserts are often characterized by sand and rocky surfaces with sparse hardy vegetation, if any. The Sahara region in Africa is one of the largest deserts.
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The Sahara Desert
Grades: All
A photo presentation to show the vast and rugged Sahara Desert terrain and landscapes.

Desert Wildlife
Grades: All
Lesson about the animals of the desert, how they adapt, survive and thrive in the harsh landscape.

Desert Cacti
Grades: All
Learn about the desert cacti.

Desert Plants and Cactus
Grades: All
A short film on desert plants and cactus found in Arizona, US.

Crossing the Sahara Desert by Camel
Grades: All
A video clip of the BBC from Michael Palin's Pole to Pole adventure as he crosses the Sahara desert.

Sand Storm in Hassakeh, Syria
Grades: All
A large sand storm that occurred on May 16, 2007. It came from the South East (Iraqi border) going North West (to Rass el 'Ain).

Gobi Desert
Grades: All
Learn about the Gobi Desert. The Gobi Desert in China and Mongolia is known as Shamo in Chinese.

Lizards, Snakes, Poisonous Animals in the Deserts of Australia
Grades: All
A short film on Wild Australian poisonous animals like snakes and scorpions. Australia is the land of the lizard, but they are no match for these desert reptiles.

Desert Biome - Hot and Dry Deserts
Grades: All
Learn about the hot and dry desert biome - from the climate, to animals, to plants and locations.

Plant Growth of Tropical Flowers in the Desert
Grades: All
The video examines the amazing way in which flowers can bloom in what appears to be a barren desert.

How Desert Insects, Scorpions and Snakes Survive
Grades: All
Learn about desert insects that feed at night to avoid attack from birds. But they are never far from predator danger because the scorpion can sense minute vibrations. Poisonous animals such as snakes also lurk in the sand.

African Beetles beat the Heat in the Sahara Desert
Grades: All
Take a tour of the amazing world of the Namib Desert. In the blistering heat, insects depend on unique adaptations to ensure their survival. When the long-awaited rains do arrive, plants appear as if by magic.

Fighting for Survival in the Kalahari desert, Africa
Grades: All
Learn about one of the coolest desert animals - the Kalahari desert mole rat.

How the Quiver Tree Survives in the Desert
Grades: All
Take a look at the strange quiver tree and understand how they survive in the harsh desert conditions.

How African Elephants beat the Heat in the desert
Grades: All
The video explains why elephants are so important to the arid landscape of the African desert. Many wild animals are dependent upon the actions and memories of an elephant.

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