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Writing Skills for Kids

Writing Skills

Here is a list of video lessons to learn and improve English essay writing skills, writing style and creative writing skills. Also watch the video lessons on English Grammar.
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IELTS Writing Essays, 1
Grade: 3 - 12
The lesson describes what an essay is, and how to answer a simple essay question.

IELTS Writing Essays, 2
Grade: 3 - 12
The lesson explains how to avoid the most common mistakes made when writing short essays.

IELTS Writing Essays, 3A
Grade: 3 - 12
Learn about the three main types of essay - Argue, explain and discuss, and how to plan a response to each.

IELTS Writing Essays, 3B
Grade: 3 - 12

IELTS Writing Essays, 4
Grade: 3 - 12
The lesson outlines 3 steps for developing vocabulary for English exams like the IELTS.

IELTS Writing Essays, 5
Grade: 3 - 12
Learn how to build your vocabulary and plan before writing using Word Maps.

IELTS Writing Essays, 6
Grade: 3 - 12
The lesson teaches about persuasive writing, and the language/grammar used to write persuasively.

IELTS Writing Essays, 7
Grade: 3 - 12
Another lesson on persuasive writing, it deals with being 'logical' in your writing, using 'conjunctions'.

IELTS Writing Essays, 8
Grade: 3 - 12
Learn how to write more persuasively using 'nominalization' feature of English grammar.

English Grammar and Writing - Capitalization
Grade: 3 - 12
The grammar lesson explains all the places in which capitalization is used in the English language.

How to Use Commas in English Writing
Grade: 3 - 12
Improve your punctuation skills with this English grammar lesson.

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