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Space Exploration for Kids

Space Exploration

Space exploration is the human endeavor to explore outer space beyond Earth using space technology and astronomy. Currently, space exploration involves robotic spacecrafts and manned spaceflights along with advanced radio and optical telescopes. Space exploration has helped answer few of mankind's questions about our place in the universe, and has raised many more new questions. Lot of research and development that goes into space flights also finds important applications in the human society.
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Traveling to the Moon and Mars
Grade: 2 - 12
The video provides a sense of the distance from Earth to the moon, from Earth to Mars, and from Earth to the second closest star Proxima Centauri. It analyzes the temperature and surface of other planets and explains why Mars is targeted for human exploration.

The Importance of Spacesuits
Grade: 2 - 12
The presentation explains how spacesuits keep astronauts safe while they are in space. Find out about different components of a spacesuit and the importance of each component.

International Space Station Tour #1
Grade: 2 - 12
Take a tour of the International Space Station with an astronaut.

International Space Station Tour #2
Grade: 2 - 12
The International Space Station is a research laboratory in the space where crew members from different nations conduct experiments in biology, human biology, physics, astronomy, meteorology and other fields.

Will Humans One Day Colonize the Moon?
Grade: 2 - 12
Astronaut Frank De Winne answers a few questions on the ISS about moon colonization and its challenges.

Will We Ever Live on the Moon?
Grade: 2 - 12
The video explains what's required to establish a permanent moon base.

Mars Exploration Rovers : Opportunity and Spirit
Grade: 2 - 12
A video on the Mars Exploration Rover mission involving two rovers, Opportunity and Spirit, exploring the planet Mars since 2003.

Mars Rover: Spirit
Grade: 2 - 12
A video about Mars rover Spirit on completion of five years of exploration on Mars.

Mars Rover: Opportunity
Grade: 2 - 12
A video about Mars rover Opportunity on completion of five years of exploration on Mars.

Life on Mars?
Grade: 2 - 12
Learn about the Phoenix Mars Lander. The robotic spacecraft was sent to Mars to search the arctic plains to find water.

Can We Really Grow Plants on Mars?
Grade: 2 - 12
Humans will be on Mars sooner than later. Could we really grow plants in the soil of Mars? What would it take?

Chandra - Exploring the Invisible Universe
Grade: 2 - 12
Learn about the Chandra X-Ray Observatory that was placed far away from Earth's atmosphere to capture images of the x-rays emissions from very hot and violent regions of the Universe. Scientists use those images to learn about our universe.

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