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Shapes and Angles

Shapes & Angles

Basic geometry involves concepts such as lines, angles, shapes, coordinate plane, perimeter, area and volume. Listed below are math games and videos of basic geometry lessons that explain these concepts.
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Basic Geometric Shapes
Grade: K - 3
Learn about basic geometric shapes.

2-D Shapes
Grade: K - 3
The math lesson explains the names and properties of 2-D shapes in the form of a game.

What are 2-D Shapes?
Grade: K - 3
A tutorial on 2-D shape names and properties.

Properties of 2-D Shapes
Grade: 1 - 5
Learn about names and properties of triangles and quadrilaterals.

3-D Shapes - Faces, Edges and Vertices
Grade: 1 - 5
The math lesson explains the faces, edges and vertices that we find on a cube, rectangular prism, sphere, pyramid, cylinder and cone.

3 Dimensional Shapes
Grade: 1 - 5
Learn about 3-D shapes and their attributes.

Points, Lines and Planes
Grade: 3 - 8
Math lesson on basic geometry concepts of points, lines and planes.

What are Angles?
Grade: 3 - 8
Learn what are angles, different types of angles and their properties.

Angles and Degrees
Grade: 3 - 8
A tutorial on how to measure angles.

Angle - Basics
Grade: 3 - 8
The lesson explains what makes an angle, different type of angles and how to measure them.

Types of Angles
Grade: 3 - 8
Learn about the four types of angles - acute, obtuse, right, and straight.

What are Polygons?
Grade: 3 - 8
Learn what are polygons, different types of polygons and their properties.

What are Quadrilaterals?
Grade: 3 - 8
Learn what are quadrilaterals, different types of quadrilaterals and their properties.

What are Triangles?
Grade: 3 - 8
Learn what are triangles, different types of triangles and their properties.

What is the Perimeter of a Shape?
Grade: 3 - 8
Find out what is the perimeter of a given shape and how to measure it.

Introduction to Perimeter
Grade: 3 - 8
A quick introduction to perimeter.

Find Perimeter of Any Shape
Grade: 3 - 8
The video explains how to find the perimeter of a square, of a triangle, of a rectangle, or any shape with step by step examples.

What is the Area of a Shape?
Grade: 3 - 8
Learn what is the area of a shape and how to measure it.

Perimeter and Area of a Non-Standard Polygon
Grade: 3 - 8
The tutorial explains how to find the perimeter and area of a non-standard polygon with examples.

Introduction to Circles
Grade: 3 - 8
Learn about circles and their features including radius, diameter, chord, secant, tangent and intersecting circles.

Circles and PI
Grade: 3 - 8
Learn about circles and the special number 'PI'.

Circles - Circumference and Area
Grade: 3 - 8
The math lesson explains the formulas for calculating the circumference and area of a circle.

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