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Scientific Method for Kids

Scientific Method

The scientific method is our best way yet to find answers to scientific questions by making observations and doing experiments. Scientists use this method to make discoveries and acquire new knowledge about how nature works. They conduct research and experiments to collect measurable, empirical evidence to support or contradict various explanations and their predictions in a rational and objective manner. Then they publish the results for scrutiny by other scientists.
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What is the Scientific Method?
Grade: 5 - 12
Scientific method for kids - The lesson explains the history and the process of scientific method with examples.

The Scientific Method Rap!
Grade: 5 - 12
A funny educational rap video demonstrating the steps of the scientific method.

The Experimental Process and Data Collection
Grade: 5 - 12
The video discusses the process of experimentation and testing, the need to clearly identified variables, and the methods to properly collect data.

Scientific Method Made Easy
Grade: 5 - 12
The lesson explains how scientists acquire new knowledge. It explores how ideas go from a hunch in a laboratory to accepted theories taught in schools.

From Simple Ideas to Scientific Discoveries
Grade: 5 - 12
The video explores two profound scientific discoveries that came from simple, creative methods anyone could have followed.

Scientific Method Explained
Grade: 5 - 12
A presentation on scientific method fo kids.

Steps, Terms and Examples of the Scientific Method
Grade: 5 - 12
The video explains the key elements of the scientific method: the question, hypothesis, experiment, observations, analysis and the conclusion.

Scientific Method Tutorial
Grade: 5 - 12
Learn about the steps of the scientific method, what they represent, and why you would use the scientific method in the first place!

What is Scientific Method?
Grade: 5 - 12
The video explains the scientific method as it explores whether cats are good swimmers.

Scientific Variables
Grade: 5 - 12
An animated clip explaining the concept of variables. It elaborates on importance of choosing proper independent, dependent, and controlled variables when performing a science experiment.

Dependent vs. Independent Variables in Scientific Method
Grade: 5 - 12
The presentation explains dependent and independent variables. Learn how to differentiate and identify these variables with many examples.

Scientific Method - Moon Footprint Myth Buster
Grade: 5 - 12
An interesting show that uses scientific method to bust the myth of fake footprints left by astronauts on the lunar soil.

Scientific Method - Moon Flag Waving Myth Buster
Grade: 5 - 12
An interesting show that uses scientific method to bust the myth of waving flags planted by astronauts on the airless moon.

Scientific Method - Broken Flashlight
Grade: 5 - 12
A simple application of scientific method to figure out what's wrong with a flashlight.

Scientific Method - What's Eating My Kale?
Grade: 5 - 12
The video illustrates the use of scientific method to answer a question or solve a problem.

Scientific Method - Amazing Floating Egg
Grade: 5 - 12
A demonstration of how one might use the steps of scientific method to explain a phenomenon. The video also presents an excellent idea for a science fair.

Scientific Method - Action of Bleach on Food Coloring
Grade: 5 - 12
A demonstration of the scientific method using the reaction of a drop of bleach with a solution of green food coloring.

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