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The general theory of relativity, developed in the early 20th century, originally attempted to account for certain anomalies in the concept of relative motion. But it has developed into one of the most important basic concepts in physical science. The theory of relativity, developed primarily by German American physicist Albert Einstein, is the basis for later demonstration by physicists of the essential unity of matter and energy, of space and time, and of the forces of gravity and acceleration.
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Relativity In 5 Minutes
Grade: 8 - 12
A short animated clip that aims to explain special relativity.

General Relativity Theory and Gravity
Grade: 8 - 12
A presentation explaining General Relativity Theory and Gravity.

Einstein's Relativity : Basics And Impact In Our Everyday Life
Grade: 8 - 12
A presentation on Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity and its impact in our everyday life.

Einstein's Relativity : Time Dilation - Slowing Down Clocks
Grade: 8 - 12
The video explains that everything in the universe is traveling through space-time at the speed of light - the maximum speed. If we are sitting still in space, then we are traveling through time at the maximum speed. But when we begin traveling through space, our progress through time slows down. It's a phenomenon called Time Dilation.

Einstein's Relativity : The Famous Equation E=mc2
Grade: 8 - 12
The presentation explains the most famous equation: E=mc².

Einstein's Relativity : Gravity And Acceleration
Grade: 8 - 12
The video takes a fundamental look at what is gravity and acceleration.

General Relativity: Gravitational Waves
Grade: 8 - 12
The presentation explains gravitational waves that are predicted by Einstein's general theory of relativity.

Time Travel And Einstein's Relativity Made Easy
Grade: 8 - 12
The presentation provides an easy to understand explanation of time travel and Einstein's general theory of relativity.

New Discovery about the Fabric of Space-Time
Grade: 8 - 12
Scientists have turned up rare evidence that space-time is smooth as Einstein predicted, while pushing closer to a complete theory of gravity.

Black Holes
Grade: 8 - 12
A presentation about Stephen Hawking's theory of black holes and Richard Gott's theory of cosmic strings. It includes a discussion about time travel.

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