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Ratio, Rate, Percent

Ratio, Rate, Percent

The concepts of ratios, rates and percents help us in comparing numbers and data in real life. Listed below are math games and video lessons that explain ratios, rates, proportion and percents, and how to apply these in solving everyday problems.
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What are Percentages?
Grade: 5 - 8
The math lesson explains percentages, and how they are just a special kind of fraction.

Finding a Percent of a Number
Grade: 5 - 8
A tutorial on how to find a certain percent of given number.

Introduction to Percent
Grade: 5 - 8
Learn what is a percent, what it means and how it is relates to fractions and decimals.

Fraction To Percent
Grade: 5 - 8
How to change a fraction into a percent.

Percent of Change
Grade: 5 - 8
The tutorial explains how to determine percent of change.

Solving Percent Problems
Grade: 5 - 8
The tutorial shows how to solve various math problems involving percents.

Grade: 5 - 8
The math lesson explains ratio with examples, and how to write and simplify a ratio.

Ratios And Rates
Grade: 5 - 8
Learn what is a 'ratio' and a 'rate', what are the differences and similarities.

What is a Ratio?
Grade: 5 - 8
Learn about ratios with help of many examples.

What is a Proportion?
Grade: 5 - 8
Learn what is a 'proportion' and how it relates to 'ratio'.

Solving Ratio, Rate and Proportion Problems
Grade: 5 - 8
The lesson explains ratio, rate and proportion. It also shows how to solve several problems involving proportions.

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Topic : Ratio, Rate, Percent
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