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Natural Selection for Kids

Natural Selection

Natural selection is the process where organisms that are best suited to their environment survive and pass on their genetic traits in increasing number to successive generations. At the same time, organisms that are less adapted fail to survive or multiply at a lower rate, and tend to be eliminated from the ecosystem. In other words, the fittest organisms survive and multiply. Natural selection is key to understanding how evolution works.
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Natural Selection Made Easy
Grade: 6 - 12
Natural Selection for kids - The lesson explains natural selection in simple terms.

Natural Selection
Grade: 6 - 12
Lesson on Natural Selection. It explains how natural selection is a major mechanism in evolution. The lesson begins with a discussion of Charles Darwin and how natural selection works.

Carl Sagan explains Natural Selection
Grade: 6 - 12
Carl Sagan explains how the process of natural selection really works.

Inside Darwin's Mind
Grade: 6 - 12
The oddity of flightless birds leads Darwin to questions. Questions that led him to the big breakthrough - natural selection as the basis for evolution.

The Theory of Evolution Made Easy
Grade: 6 - 12
Evolution for kids - The lesson looks at our origins, from the big bang to the human migration out of Africa.

Scientific Evidence for the Origin of Life
Grade: 6 - 12
Lesson on the origin of life. It presents scientific evidence of the origin of life on our planet. The lesson begins with a brief discussion of the age of the Earth and ends with the future of humanity. It includes geologic, chemical and molecular data to make its case.

The Origin of Species
Grade: 6 - 12
The lesson explains how reproductive isolation can eventually lead to formation of new species. Three main barriers to gene flow are discussed: geographic, pre-zygotic and post-zygotic.

Origin and Evolution of Life, part 1
Grade: 6 - 12
A documentary on origin of life and evolution. It attempts to explain fundamental questions such as - why we exist, why we try to stay alive and how we try to understand ecosystems, environment and species.

Origin and Evolution of Life, part 2
Grade: 6 - 12

Origin and Evolution of Life, part 3
Grade: 6 - 12

Origin and Evolution of Life, part 4
Grade: 6 - 12

Origin and Evolution of Life, part 5
Grade: 6 - 12

Evolution Lesson #1: Isn't Evolution Just a Theory?
Grade: 6 - 12
The basic theory of evolution.

Evolution Lesson #2: Who Was Charles Darwin?
Grade: 6 - 12
Discover how Charles Darwin's curiosity, his voyage on the Beagle, his passion for natural history and use of the scientific process led to his groundbreaking theory.

Evolution Lesson #3: How Do We Know Evolution Happens?
Grade: 6 - 12
Find out how different lines of evidence contribute to our picture of evolution. Learn about the fossil evidence for land-dwelling ancestors of modern whales.

Evolution Lesson #4: How Does Evolution Really Work?
Grade: 6 - 12
The video takes us to Ecuador to illustrate how the process of natural selection operates in populations of rainforest hummingbirds.

Evolution Lesson #5: Did Humans Evolve?
Grade: 6 - 12
The presentation examines the fossil records and molecular evidence that supports the evolution of humans from earlier primate ancestors.

Evolution Lesson #6: Why Does Evolution Matter Now?
Grade: 6 - 12
See evolution in action. Learn how the evolution of multi-drug resistant bacterial strains of tuberculosis in Russia affects us all.

Evolution Lesson #7: Why Is Evolution Controversial Anyway?
Grade: 6 - 12
Consider various points of view, as scientists, religious leaders, and college students share their opinions about evolution, science, and religious faith.

Animated Reconstruction of Evolution
Grade: 6 - 12
Interesting video where scientists and computer experts use computers to bring to life the walk of the primeval link between ape and man.

From Dino to Turkey
Grade: 6 - 12
Imagine you're eating a dinosaur at the Thanksgiving dinner. Actually, you won't be very far from the truth!

Evolution of Giant Whales
Grade: 6 - 12
The presentation explores the evolution of whales from prehistoric creatures.

Evolution of the Woolly Mammoth
Grade: 6 - 12
Scientists explain how the jungle elephant adapted to the changing world climate to evolve into the king of the Ice Age, the Woolly Mammoth.

Doomsday Vault
Grade: 6 - 12
Learn about the Global Seed Vault at Svalbard, which is established in the permafrost in the mountains of Svalbard, Norway. It is designed to store duplicates of seeds from seed collections around the globe to ensure that the genetic diversity of the world’s food crops is preserved for future generations.

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