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Maya Civilization for Kids

Maya Civilization

The Maya civilization was one of the most advanced ancient civilizations in the Central and South America before arrival of Europeans. They had an estimated reign of over 2000 years. The Maya developed a written language using hieroglyphs, art and architecture, mathematical and astronomical systems. They built huge stone pyramids, sculpture and temples. The Maya achieved their highest state of development during the period between 300 AD and 900 AD. After 900 AD the Maya mysteriously declined in the southern areas, but continued to thrive till the arrival of the Europeans.
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Lost Temples: Mayan Pyramids
Grade: 8 - 12
Why did the Maya abandon their magnificent city of Chichen Itza? Learn about Mayan history in this lesson.

Mystery of the Maya, part 1/3
Grade: 8 - 12
A documentary on the splendor of the Mayan civilization through the discovery of their pyramids, palaces and temples. While Europe still in the midst of the dark ages, the Mayans had made tremendous strides in the areas of mathematics, calendars, architecture and construction.

Mystery of the Maya, part 2/3
Grade: 8 - 12

Mystery of the Maya, part 3/3
Grade: 8 - 12

Mayan Hieroglyphics
Grade: 8 - 12
Learn about Mayan hieroglyphics. Maya writing has recently been deciphered and is again being taught to the Mayan people today.

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