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How It Works

How It Works

The 'How It Works?' section lists videos that explain how things around us are made and how they work. The videos explain things from car engines to power plants, from GPS to a piano, and many more topics like that. It makes the principles behind these things easy, simple and clear for everyone to understand.
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How a Jet Engine Works
Grade: 2 - 12
Learn how a jet engine or gas turbine works.

How Jet Engines Work
Grade: 2 - 12
An animation of a duel spool, high bypass turbofan commercial jet engine.

Jet Engine - How it Works
Grade: 2 - 12
Go and see inside a jet engine through this entertaining film, and learn how they work.

How a Car Engine Works
Grade: 2 - 12
An animation of how an internal combustion engine works.

3D Animation of a Fuel Injected V8 Engine
Grade: 2 - 12
Take a look inside a fuel injected V8 engine.

Fossil Fuelled Electricity
Grade: 2 - 12
Learn how fossil fuels, especially coal, are used to generate electricity in thermal power plants.

How does Van de Graaff Generator Work?
Grade: 2 - 12
Learn about the inner workings of a Van de Graaff generator.

How to Build a Simple Electric Motor, plus How it Works
Grade: 2 - 12
Build a simple electric motor, and learn how it works. It illustrates the principles of electromagnetism with practical application.

How The Georgia Aquarium Works
Grade: 2 - 12
Find out about the Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world. Learn how did they build habitats for all those animals, and what does it take to keep them fed and healthy.

How It Works: The Toilet
Grade: 2 - 12
An animation on how a toilet works.

How does a Grand Piano Work?
Grade: 2 - 12
A short video describing how a grand piano works.

Hydroelectric Power - How it Works
Grade: 4 - 12
Learn how hydroelectric generating stations produce electricity.

How a Geothermal Plant Works
Grade: 4 - 12
Learn how a geothermal power plant works.

Nuclear Power - How it Works
Grade: 4 - 12
Learn how a nuclear power generating station works.

How does a Refractor Telescope Work?
Grade: 4 - 12
Take a look at a basic refractor telescope, and learn about its main parts and how the telescope works.

How a Movie Projector Works
Grade: 4 - 12
Have you ever wondered how the movie projector works? Find it out in this video.

IMAX 3D Projector - How It works
Grade: 4 - 12
The video shows the inside of the IMAX Projector and explains how it works.

Panama Canal - and How it Works
Grade: 4 - 12
Watch Panama canal and how it works.

Harpsichord - How It Works
Grade: 4 - 12
Take a look inside harpsichords and see how they work.

How A Slush Machine Works
Grade: 4 - 12
A video explaining the workings of a slush machine and how it's design manages to overcome several scientific problems.

How Compressors Work
Grade: 4 - 12
Learn about compressors and how they work.

How your Oil Furnace Works
Grade: 4 - 12
Find out how oil furnaces work.

How Does Commercial Printing Work?
Grade: 4 - 12
A simple overview of the commercial printing process, with an emphasis on offset lithography.

Resistance Spot Welding - How It Works
Grade: 4 - 12
A video describing the resistance spot welding process.

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Machine - How It Works
Grade: 6 - 12
Learn about the Large Hadron Collider, the largest and most complex scientific instrument ever built and the highest energy particle accelerator in the world.

How Superconducting Levitation Works
Grade: 6 - 12
A presentation explaining how the amazing technology of superconductors in magnetic levitation works.

How Does GPS Work?
Grade: 6 - 12
Learn how GPS receivers work with satellites in the earth's orbit to determine an exact location.

Carbon Dating - How Does It Work?
Grade: 6 - 12
Learn about radiocarbon dating. The video explains how Carbon-14 dating can be used to date ancient material.

Wikipedia: Beneath the Surface
Grade: 6 - 12
The video explains what is a wiki, and how does information get into Wikipedia in the first place.

Chevy Volt - How It Works
Grade: 6 - 12
Learn how a Chevy Volt, an all electric car, works.

How RFID works
Grade: 8 - 12
A video clip explaining the use of RFID.

Analytics - How It Works
Grade: 8 - 12
Analytics explained though simple narration and illustrations.

Solenoid Valve - How It Works
Grade: 8 - 12
A video explaining how a solenoid valve works.

How a Capacitor Works
Grade: 8 - 12
The video explains how a capacitor charges and stores energy.

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