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Factors & Multiples

Factors & Multiples

A number can be expressed as product of smaller numbers which are called its factors. Multiple of a number is its product with another number. Factors and multiples help us solve many mathematical problems. Listed below are math games and video lessons on factors, multiples, finding the greatest common factor and least common multiple.
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4th - 8th Prime or Composite : 1-10     1-50     50-100,       Find Prime Factors : 1-50    50-100
Find All Factors : 1-50    50-100    1-100,       Find Common Factors : 2 Numbers    3 Numbers
Find Multiples : 1-15    15-30,       Find Common Multiples : 2 Numbers    3 Numbers,       Factor or Multiple?
Least Common Multiple :    2 Numbers (1-10)    2 Numbers (10-30)    3 Numbers,       Least Common Denominator  
Greatest Common Factor : 2 Numbers (1-10)    2 Numbers (10-30)    3 Numbers
Factors and Multiples : Facts, Quiz #1    Facts, Quiz #2    Facts, Quiz #3
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Math videos  Math Videos & Lessons:  (Reviewed by K-12 teachers)

Grade: 3 - 6
A quick introduction to multiples.

What are Multiples?
Grade: 3 - 6
Learn what are multiples and how to find them.

How to find Multiples?
Grade: 3 - 6
Learn to find multiple with help of examples.

Least Common Multiples
Grade: 3 - 6
The lesson explains multiples and least common multiples.

Divisibility Rules
Grade: 3 - 6
A tutorial on divisibility rules and how to apply them.

Grade: 4 - 8
Math lesson explains what are factors and how to find factors of a number.

What are Factors?
Grade: 4 - 8
In this lesson, we introduce factor pairs and 'rainbows'.

Prime and Composite Numbers
Grade: 4 - 8
Learn about prime and composite numbers, and how to recognize them.

Factoring and Prime Numbers
Grade: 4 - 8
The math lesson explains the concept of factoring and prime numbers.

Prime Factors of a Number
Grade: 4 - 8
The tutorial explain how to factor a number into primes.

Prime Factorization
Grade: 4 - 8
Understand prime factorization and learn to find prime factors of numbers using factor trees.

What is Least Common Multiple?
Grade: 4 - 8
Find out what is least common multiple (LCM) and how to find LCM of two or more numbers.

LCM using the Ladder Method
Grade: 4 - 8
A tutorial on finding least common multiple using the ladder method.

Finding GCF
Grade: 4 - 8
Find out what is greatest common factor (GCF) and how to find GCF of two or more numbers.

How to find the Greatest Common Factor
Grade: 4 - 8
Learn how to find the greatest common factor between two or three numbers using the prime factorization technique.

GCF using the Ladder Method
Grade: 4 - 8
A tutorial on finding greatest common factor using the ladder method.

Easy Way to Find the Greatest Common Factor
Grade: 4 - 8
The tutorial shows an easy way to find the GCF while starting out with any common factor.

Method That Reveals Both The GCF And LCM
Grade: 4 - 8
The video explains an easy method to find both the GCF and LCM of a set of numbers.

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