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Mrs. Betts

Hi Everyone! There are some good resources here to learn about different science topics you are studying. After you explore each one, use your back arrow key on the browser to come back to this page. Happy learning! - Mrs. Betts  
Favorite Videos, Quizzes, Diagrams and other Interactives
Video Video: Temperate Deciduous Forest
Diagram Diagram: Identify & Label Ecosystems, Food Chain
Vocab Vocab: Ecosystem Terms
 Water Cycle
Video Video: Science & Nature Information : What Is the Water Cycle?
No bells and whistles on this video - just a straight 2-minute explanation of how the water cycle works by a British teacher.
Video Video: The Water Cycle by NASA
An interesting video with Molecule Max about how NASA is changing their study of the water cycle. It's about 5 minutes long.
Quiz Quiz: Water Cycle Quiz #1
Here's a question and answer game about the water cycle in a flashcard style. Match the term with the definition - Mrs. Betts
Quiz Quiz: Water Cycle Quiz #2
This quiz #2 will be a piece of cake to you 4th Grade Scientists. - Mrs. Betts
Quiz Quiz: Where Does Water Go?
Diagram Diagram: Label the Diagram of Water Cycle
Click and drag to label all the parts of the water cycle in this diagram. Hint: follow the dotted lines and put the label at the dot ending each line. It makes a clicking sound if it's correct. - Mrs. Betts Update: this activity is best done last after you have a good understanding of the terms. : )
Vocab Vocab: Water Cycle
This will quiz your understanding of words that describe the process of the water cycle. Total points possible? 20 points! Take the quiz and let me know how you do. - Mrs. Betts
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Water, Water Everywhere
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