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Stages of Mitosis: Interphase - cell prepares for division and makes copy of its DNA; Prophase - chromatin condenses into chromosomes; Prometaphase - microtubules find & attach to kinetochores; Metaphase - chromosomes align at equator; Anaphase - chromatids are pulled apart as poles move apart; Telophase - chromosomes at opposite poles and daughter cells are formed.
  Stages of Mitosis
General view of cells in the growing root-tip of the onion, from a longitudinal section, enlarged 800X.
  Mitosis : Onion Root-tip
A section of the epidermis of a larva, enlarged 550X.
  Mitosis : Larva Epidermis
Two mouse daughter nuclei in a late stage of nuclear division (Telophase).
Zygote is produced by a fertilization between an ovum from a female and a sperm cell from a male.

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