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Biology of Plants & Trees
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Plants are important because they...
  • give us food
  • produce oxygen
  • provide habitat for animals
  • help make and preserve soil 
  • clean up air pollution
  • are also directly and indirectly the source of most fuel, medicines and natural building material
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               Plant Parts and Examples

Cycads need rich soil from a good location. They also need lots of moisture from  the ground. Cycads are ancient plants from the Dinosaur age.

Parasitic Plants
The Parasitic Plants can't make their own food so they stick on to another plant and get food.

The Succulent Plants have very hard skin.(Example a cactus have very hard and hurtful skin). The Succulent Plants need or live in a very hot climate and dry climate like a desert.

Aquatic Plants
The Aquatic Plants need lots of moisture from the ground like the Cycads and the Aquatic Plants also live underwater. They need a very hot or cold environment.

Some plants produce their own seeds. Some plants like the sunflower can spread seeds seeds around by the wind. Some animals bury seeds to grow and eat. Sometimes the animal forgets and the plant can grow. Some fruit, when an animal eats it they leave the seed and the seed grows a new plant/tree.
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Starting to grow

Plants need warmth from the sun to provide energy that they need. A good place for plants to live is the soil in a hot location and some don't need to stay in a hot location. The new plant absorbs water and minerals from the soil. Plants need light to grow and water.
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Plant Part's and what they do.

The first part of the plant is the roots.The roots give the plant food .The roots hold the plant in place.The roots take water and minerals from the ground.

The stem holds the plant so it can grow long.The stem supports the plant.The stem is important because it holds up the entire plant like the leaves and flower.The stem transports the water and minerals to the leaf.

The leaf is in charge of all of the food that it get's.The leave is waterproof. The leaf transports the food back to the roots.The leaves also store food for the plant to eat.

The flower does this.The flower attracts the bees for the bees to make honey and make new plants and it attracts humming birds.If the plant is fertilized the plant can make seed's!
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Pollination makes new plants grow.People can transfer pollen to. Bees carry pollen everywhere for honey. To be pollinated, pollen must be moved from the stamen to stigma.
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Plants without seeds

There are millions of moss. Liverworts got their name because they are believed to resemble the lobes of the human liver. 

Ferns are seedless plants. Horsetails are seedless plants too. The green shoots look a bit like a horse tail and that's how they got there name.

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The Needs of Plants

Plants need nutrients from good soil which comes from decayed materiel. They also need water which can come from rain , watering cans or lakes. To make food through a process called photosynthesis plants need sunlight. The sunlight also keeps them and the ground warm. A good location is really important for plants. It should not be to windy. For photosynthesis plants need carbon dioxide which they change into oxygen.
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