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The Spinal Cord!!!
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The Spinal Cord is a 
  • bundle of nerves that reside in the vertebrae going down the back
  • a slender cylindrical structure, starting immediately below the brain stem.

It extends down your back to the first Lumbar vertebra - Your lower spine. 

It send messages from the body to the brain, and returns commands to various parts of the body. 

If the spinal cord is damaged or broken you can be paralyzed because there is no way for your brain to communicate to your body. 

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The three types of tissue that make up the spinal cord are :

Nerve tissue

Nerve cells have the job of reacting to stimulants and sending messages to the brain.

Connective tissue

The job of the connective tissue is to provide support to the spine, and support the structure of the body.

Muscle Tissue

 The muscle tissue helps to move bone and other structures in your body by relaxing and contracting. It Connects to bone and other structures in the body. Muscle tissue also helps in other systems, such as the digestive.

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The Nerve cell is specialized for the transmission of long distance signals. 

They receive signals from other Neurons or sensory cells.


Sensory Cell- Cells that detect information and send it to the brain.

Nerve cells send output to muscles or other Neurons.

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 The spine is like a tunnel

  • The bone is the tunnel wall.
  • The road is like the spinal cord.
  • The cars are the nerve sensations.
There are billions of  nerves connected to and inside of the spinal cord, because the spine carries messages throughout the body.
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