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Energy Sources
Oil Drilling Platform in the Santa Barbara CA Channel by mikebaird on Flickr

Oil is being drilled from the bottom of the channel. Although oil is not good for the earth, it is in a very large demand. This oil rig is estimated to produce 80,000 to 100,000 barrels of crude oil in a 10 day period.
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Checking the alignment of a turbine shaft at the top of the guide bearing in TVA's hydroelectric plant, Watts Bar Dam, Tenn. Located 530 miles above the mouth of the Tennessee River, the dam has an authorized power installation of 90,000 kw., which can be by The Library of Congress on Flickr

Hydropower is America’s leading renewable energy resource. Of all the renewable power sources, it’s the most reliable, efficient and economical. TVA (Tennesse Valley Authority) maintains 29 conventional hydroelectric dams throughout the Tennessee River system and one pumped-storage facility for the production of electricity.
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Creswell Colliery by ~Duncan~ on Flickr

A coal mine and its structures are a colliery. Coal mining has had a lot of developments over the recent years, from the early days of men tunneling, digging and manually extracting the coal on carts to large open cut and long wall mines.
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Iowa Wind Farm 1 by Hammer51012 on Flickr

The development of wind power in Iowa began with the enactment in 1983 of a state law that required investor-owned utilities in the state to buy a total of 105 MW of power from wind generated electricity, one of first renewable electricity portfolio standards. This provided assurance to those building wind power installations that there would be a market for the electricity they produced.
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Windmills and Sailboats on the Ocean by C. G. P. Grey on Flickr

Windmills that would float hundreds of miles out at sea could one day help satisfy our energy needs without being eyesores from land. Offshore wind turbines are not new, but they typically stand on towers that have to be driven deep into the ocean floor. This arrangement only works in water depths of about 50 feet or less close enough to shore that they are still visible.

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Solar Panels by Jeremy Levine Design on Flickr

A solar panel (also solar module, photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel) is a packaged, connected assembly of photovoltaic cells. The solar panel can be used as a component of a larger photovoltaic system to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential 8% efficient 230 watt panel will have twice the area of a 16% efficient 230 watt panel. Because a single solar panel can produce only a limited amount of power, most installations contain multiple panels
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Wind farm and greenhouse gas farm, together by kevindooley on Flickr

A wind farm is a group of wind turbines in the same location used to produce electric power. A large wind farm may consist of several hundred individual wind turbines, and cover an extended area of hundreds of square miles, but the land between the turbines may be used for agricultural or other purposes. A wind farm may also be located offshore.
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Indiana Wind Farm 05 by Hammer51012 on Flickr

Wind power in Indiana was limited to a few small water-pumping windmills on farms until 2008 with construction of Indiana's first utility-scale wind power facility, Goodlands with a nameplate capacity of 130 MW.
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salt flats Bolivia by psyberartist on Flickr

A salt pan is formed where water pools were. A salt pan would be a lake or a pond, if it were located in a climate where the rate of water evaporation were not faster than the rate of water precipitation, i.e., if it were not in a desert. If the water is unable to drain into the ground, it remains on the surface until it evaporates, leaving behind whatever minerals were dissolved. Over thousands of years, the minerals (usually salts) accumulate on the surface.
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Bird's-eye view showing phosphate being shipped by the Atlantic Coast Line railroad to the International Minerals Corporation by State Library and Archives of Florida on Flickr

A phosphate, an inorganic chemical, is a salt of phosphoric acid. In organic chemistry, a phosphate, or organophosphate, is an ester of phosphoric acid. Organic phosphates are important in biochemistry and bio geochemistry or ecology. Inorganic phosphates are mined to obtain phosphorus for use in agriculture and industry. At elevated temperatures in the solid state, phosphates can condense to form pyrophosphates.
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