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Cold Climate - Animal Habitation
2009-12-24-12h06m10.272P0565l by A.J. Haverkamp on Flickr

  • The snowy owl is a nocturnal animal.
  • It is called the snowy owl because it can blend in it's surroundings. Also, it looks like snow.  
  • The snowy owl hides in the snow to catch it's prey. The kinds of prey they catch are rodents. The kinds of rodents they eat are mice, squirrel, rats, lemmings, vole and rabbit.
  • They sleep in the day and hunt at night. They can be located in Alaska, Canada, and Russia.
  • Their nests can be found up in a tree or on the ground. 
  • They are 1.75-2 ft in length. Also,they are 4.5-5.5 ft in wingspan.
  • Snowy owls are not like most birds. Instead of acting like other birds they make pellets.

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arcticfox by Aunt Owwee on Flickr

  • The arctic fox can be found in the arctic regions such as Canada, Russia, Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia, Svalbard and Alaska.
  • They eat voles, lemmings, other bird's eggs, dead carcasses and berries.
  • The arctic fox lives in dens.Dens are places where the arctic fox sleeps.
  • Dens can be found close to a riverbank.

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Caution by Yellow Snow Photography on Flickr

  • Caribou can be found in Canada, Russia, Greenland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and can be found in the state of Alaska.
  • They eat willow leaves,moss,and lichen found beneath the arctic surface.
  • Caribou are known for migration.  
  • Whenever it is cold they go to the mountains. 
  • They are known for migration.
  • The female caribou weighs about 200 lbs.
  • The male caribou weighs about 600 lbs.
  • Their normal shoulder width is 35''-55''.
  • Each (female) caribou gives birth one calf each spring.


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Snow on Snout, Polar Bear by flickrfavorites on Flickr

  • Polar bears can be found in Canada, Alaska, Russia, Norway and various parts of Greenland.
  • They mainly eat seals in the winter before they hibernate.
  • The male polar bears weigh between 700-1400 lbs.
  • They stand between 8-10 ft tall.
  • Females  are smaller than the male polar bears.
  • Females weigh 350-700 lbs.
  • Each (female) polar bear gives birth to 1 litter every 2 to 3 years.

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dgsAnimals34_JPG by debbie_sonberg on Flickr

  • The musk ox van be found in Canada, Greenland, Sweden and Russia.
  • They eat willow shoots, lichens, grasses and shrubs.
  • They all live in herds.
  • The musk ox are very very big.
  • They will reach the length between 6 and 7.5 ft.
  • Their shoulder height is 4 and 5 ft.
  • Their weight can be between 400-900 lbs.
  • In late summer and early fall is the mating season.
  • They give birth to 1 calf every spring.

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