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Volcanoes are vents, fissures or openings in the Earth's crust from which hot ashes, gases and magma erupt. On land, volcanoes usually take the form of mountains or hills with one or more volcanic vents. But the vast majority of the world's volcanoes lie beneath the sea along the global oceanic ridges. Around 50 to 60 land-based volcanoes are active in a given year, some posing serious threat to nearby human population.
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Volcano - 101
Grades: All
Learn what is a volcano. These rifts in the Earth's crust, spewing lava, gases and ash, are immense forces of nature.

What is a Volcano?
Grades: All
The video reveals Earth's volcanoes. Explore the science and beauty of these natural features.

Undersea Volcanoes
Grades: All
Find out about huge undersea volcanoes that rise up from the deep on the ocean floor at the mid-Atlantic ridge. Around the volcanoes, the heat and chemicals sustain unique ecosystems and communities of undersea life.

Galapagos Volcanoes
Grades: All
Learn about the recent volcanic eruptions on the Galapagos Islands that are disrupting the lives of many native plants and animals.

How Volcanoes Form
Grades: All
Volcano lesson for kids - find out how volcanoes form.

Kilauea: Into the Night Volcano
Grades: All
Watch the historic eruption of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano in 1959.

Volcano eruption, Hawaiian lava flow
Grades: All
Take a tour of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and watch fresh lava flowing into the sea to lush rainforests.

3 Questions: Volcanoes!
Grades: All
Three interesting questions answered by a volcanologist.

Through the Lens
Grades: All
Watch a photographer rappel inside into the active volcanoes of the exotic South Pacific island of Vanuatu as he braves toxic gases, treacherous rock falls, and giant pools of molten lava.

Volcano Lava Flow - Time lapse Video
Grades: All
Lava flow footage from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii.

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