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Types of Rocks

Types of Rocks

Rocks are naturally occurring solid material consisting of various minerals. Earth's crust is largely made up of rocks. Rocks are classified by mineral composition, how they were formed and other physical attributes such as texture. Igneous rocks are formed when molten magma cools. Sedimentary rocks are formed by deposition and hardening of clastic sediments, minerals precipitates and organic matter. Metamorphic rock forms when pre-existing rock undergoes changes due to high temperatures and pressures.
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Our World: The Rock Cycle
Grade: 3 - 12
Find out how moon rocks brought to Earth by the Apollo astronauts have helped NASA learn more about the rock cycle. Compare igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks found on Earth to three types of rocks found on the moon.

Grade: 3 - 12
Types of rocks for kids - learn about the three main types of rock and the very different ways in which they are formed.

Identifying Types of Rocks
Grade: 3 - 12
The three types of rocks are igneous, formed from molten rock, sedimentary, formed from the elements of an existing rock, and metamorphic, formed by a change in heat or pressure. Learn to identify the three different types of rocks in this lesson on rocks.

Introduction to Rocks and Minerals
Grade: 3 - 12
The presentation examines the characteristics and physical properties of common rocks and minerals, and how the rock cycle works.

Physical Characteristics of Rocks
Grade: 6 - 12
The clip explains that rocks have different characteristics, as rocks come in many different colors, textures and mineral compositions.

What are Igneous Rocks?
Grade: 6 - 12
Lesson on Igneous Rocks. These rocks are those which were formed deep in the earth's crust by melting and then recrystallization. Examples include volcanic rocks, granite, syenite, gabbro and ultramafic rocks.

Identifying Igneous Rocks
Grade: 6 - 12
Igneous rocks are formed both above and below ground. Learn about the intrusive and coarse-grained nature of igneous rocks.

Igneous Rocks
Grade: 6 - 12
Igneous rocks, origin and bases of classification.

Clastic Sedimentary Rocks
Grade: 6 - 12
Learn about classification by rock origin (sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic), weathering agents (clastic, chemical, biochemical), grain size, depositional environment and other factors.

Metamorphic Rocks
Grade: 6 - 12
Find out about metamorphic rocks.

Identifying Metamorphic Rocks
Grade: 6 - 12
Metamorphic rocks are formed from the re-melting and recrystallization of rocks, such as igneous and sedimentary rocks. Learn about the typical metamorphic rock characteristics.

The Rock Cycle
Grade: 6 - 12
An educational lesson about the Rock Cycle.

Identifying Minerals
Grade: 6 - 12
Learn about identifying rock-forming minerals by understanding the characteristics and formation of each mineral.

How Do Crystals Form?
Grade: 6 - 12
Understand the formation of crystals in this video.

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Topic : Types of Rocks
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