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Types of Forces

Types of Forces

A force is a push or a pull. Force gives an object the energy to move, stop moving, or change direction. It has both magnitude and a direction. Newton's first law states that an object's velocity cannot change unless it is acted upon by a force. The four fundamental forces in the universe are: gravitational force, electromagnetic force and strong and weak forces at the atomic level. All other forces that we see in day to day life are based on the interactions of these four fundamental forces. These non-fundamental forces can be in form of centripetal force, friction, elastic force, tension etc.
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Normal Force
Grade: 5 - 12
The lesson describes the normal force with an example provided for the case of a horizontal surface.

Grade: 5 - 12
Learn about friction - the force created between two moving surfaces that oppose the motion.

What is Friction? Is it a Force?
Grade: 5 - 12
Lesson on force of friction. The force of friction can be classified as static or kinetic force of friction depending on whether the body is at rest or in motion. It explains that the frictional force is directly proportional to the weight of the body.

Forces - Mass and Weight
Grade: 5 - 12
What is the difference between Mass and Weight? Get the answer in this physics lesson.

Circular Motion & Centripetal Force
Grade: 5 - 12
Learn about the science of spinning, circular motion and the centripetal force. Find the connection between merry-go-rounds and artificial gravity.

Circular Motion
Grade: 5 - 12
The lesson explains the special features of circular motion.

Centripetal Force
Grade: 5 - 12
Lesson on centripetal force. Cool science experiments in the video demonstrate inertia and centripetal force (not centrifugal).

Angular Momentum
Grade: 5 - 12
Learn about the law of conservation of angular momentum. See it in action when ice skaters spin faster by hugging themselves tight. Watch a few more angular momentum examples.

Gravity and Force
Grade: 5 - 12
The presentation explains the force due to gravity, and its effects.

Magnetic Force
Grade: 5 - 12
Demonstrations of magnetic force exerted by a magnet.

Physics Lesson - Centripetal Force
Grade: 5 - 12
A demonstration of centripetal force by taking a bucket full of water and hurling it around.

Physics Lesson - Calculating Friction Forces
Grade: 5 - 12
The lesson demonstrates and explains how to calculate frictional forces in a body that has no acceleration.

Centripetal Force Demonstration
Grade: 5 - 12
A demonstration of centripetal force.

Video on Buoyancy
Grade: 5 - 12
The lesson explains the principle of buoyancy. It shows that objects immersed in a liquid are buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the liquid displaced.

Buoyancy - Archimedes Principle
Grade: 5 - 12
Lesson on Archimedes' Principle and buoyancy. It explains how to calculate the weight of a horse using Archimedes' Principle.

Four Fundamental Forces
Grade: 8 - 12
Learn about the four fundamental forces in the universe - Gravity, Electromagnetism, Weak Force, and Strong Force.

The Nature of Forces
Grade: 8 - 12
Take a journey through the history of particle physics. In this presentation, learn how forces are the instruments of change in the universe.

The Weak and Strong Nuclear Forces
Grade: 8 - 12
In this presentation, learn how the strong and weak nuclear forces were discovered.

A Unified Theory of Forces
Grade: 8 - 12
In this presentation, learn why scientists are hoping that, one day, they will have a single theory that describes all the forces that govern the universe.

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Topic : Types of Forces
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