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Time Lapse

Time-lapse videos show us quickly what normally happens slowly over a long period of time. For example, while a plant may take weeks to grow, its time-lapse video can show you the complete growth compressed in just a few minutes. Time-lapse videos are a great way to help kids understand the natural world where changes happen quite slowly. Here is a list of interesting time-lapse videos for kids.
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Amazing Northern Lights Time Lapse
Grades: All
Watch the Northern Lights, one of nature's most spectacular shows, in this time lapse video captured over the course of a single night in Norway.

Arctic Melt Time Lapse
Grades: All
In this time-lapse video, watch the summer melting of Arctic ice that opens up nearly three million square miles of ocean and land.

Space Shuttle Endeavour - Time Lapse
Grades: All
Watch the space shuttle Endeavour getting strapped on top of a Boeing 747 for transportation.

Extreme Ice - Time Lapse
Grades: All
Watch the remarkable time-lapse video that reveals massive glaciers and ice sheets splitting apart, collapsing, and disappearing at a rate that has more and more scientists alarmed. It is the clearest evidence of a radically warming planet.

Antarctica Time lapse - A Year on Ice
Grades: All
A time-lapse video filmed in and around McMurdo Station and Scott Base in Antarctica.

Seedling - Time Lapse
Grades: All
Time-lapse video of germination of Courgette seedling over 28 days. In this germination, the cotyledons come above the soil surface into air and light, and as they are green, they make food that is used by the stem to grow.

Plants Growing
Grades: All
A time-lapse video of bush beans growing from seeds over a 24 hour period.

Radish Seeds Sprouting, Top and Roots Growing
Grades: All
A time-lapse sequence shot of radish seeds sprouting and growing. It's amazing how fast the radishes grow.

Four Seasons
Grades: All
A time-lapse video of the four seasons in 5 minutes.

One Year in just Two Minutes
Grades: All
Watch the seasonal changes during a whole year go by in just two minutes!

Time Lapse of Winter Scene
Grades: All
A time-lapse video of the winter in Japan.

Panama Canal Time-lapse
Grades: All
A time-lapse journey through the Panama Canal from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean onboard a cruise ship.

London Skyline Time-lapse
Grades: All
Time-lapse footage of skyline, from mid-afternoon, overnight and into morning in Canary Wharf area in London.

Orchid Time Lapse
Grades: All
Time lapse video of an orchid blooming.

Fruit and Vegetable Decomposition, Time Lapse
Grades: All
Watch how stuff decay. This video was shot over 74 days, 1 picture every 40 minutes, played back at 30 frames per second.

Time Lapse - Tomato
Grades: All
Another time lapse clip showing a tomato decompose.

Rotting Apple
Grades: All
A time-lapse video of an apple decaying.

Volcano Lava Flow - Time-lapse
Grades: All
Lava flow footage from Kilauea volcano.

Aging: 80 Years in 40 Seconds
Grades: All
A fun video showing 85 years of aging in 40 seconds!

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