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States of Matter for Kids

States of Matter

In classical physics, there are three states in which matter occurs - solid, liquid, and gas. In a solid, the molecules are closely bound to one another by molecular forces. A solid holds its shape and the volume of a solid is fixed by the shape of the solid. In a liquid the molecular forces are weaker than in a solid, and it will take the shape of its container while its volume remains fixed. In a gas the molecular forces are very weak. A gas fills its container, taking both the shape and the volume of the container. Plasma, the collection of charged gaseous particles, is sometimes called the fourth state of matter.
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States of Matter - Science Theater
Grade: 3 - 8
Interesting lesson that explains the three most common states of matter with experiments. It shows air as a gas, air as a liquid, and air as a solid, and shows off how to make a snow cone out of Nitrogen gas.

States of Matter: Solid, Liquid and Gas
Grade: 3 - 8
States of matter for kids - In this lesson learn about the different states of matter, and how matter changes its state at boiling, melting, freezing, and dew points.

Changes in State
Grade: 3 - 8
Find out how matter changes states.

States of Matter: Gases
Grade: 3 - 8
Lesson on Gases.

States of Matter: Solids
Grade: 3 - 8
Lesson on Solids.

Evaporation and Condensation
Grade: 3 - 8
Learn about evaporation and condensation.

Energy and the 4 States - Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma
Grade: 5 - 8
Lesson on states of matter. It includes plasma, the fourth state of matter.

States of Matter
Grade: 5 - 8
Introduction to the states or phases of matter.

Properties of Water
Grade: 5 - 8
Lesson on Water - a common but unique compound which can be found in nature in all three forms - solid, liquid and gas.

Plasma: The 4th State of Matter
Grade: 5 - 8
Learn about Plasma, the fourth state of matter due to its unique properties. Plasma is a gas in which the atoms are ionized, meaning there are free negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions.

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