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Slow Motion Videos

Slow Motion

Slow motion videos show us fast moving action at a slower rate that makes it easy to observe the changes and the action. Slow motion videos are a great way to help kids understand processes and events that are too fast to observe in detail naturally. Here is a list of interesting slow motion videos for kids.
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Fastest Animals on Earth in Slow Motion
Grades: All
Watch how the fastest animals on the planet move with the help of some truly amazing slow motion wildlife camera technology.

Brainiac's - Things but Very Slowly - Compilation part 1
Grades: All
A collection of slow-motion clips, captured with a camera up to 4000fps.

Brainiac's - Things but Very Slowly - Compilation part 2
Grades: All
Another collection of slow-motion clips, captured with a camera up to 4000fps.

Super Slow-motion Surfer! - South Pacific
Grades: All
A super slow motion video of a big wave surfer in a 12 foot monster barrel wave!

Extra Slowed Down Car Crash
Grades: All
A slowed down clip of a car crash.

Slow-motion Cat
Grades: All
A cat jumping in slow motion.

Grades: All
Watch a hummingbird flaps its wings up to 70 times per second; its heart rate can reach 1,260 beats per minute.

Roger Federer - Slow Motion Video
Grades: All
Clip of Roger Federer - hitting forehands and a couple of backhands. Incredible details in super slow motion!

Lightning and Rain at 2000 FPS
Grades: All
Watch the slow motion clips of lightning at 2000fps to appreciate the power of lightning in a thunder storm.

Blowing Bubbles
Grades: All
See the wall of a giant bubble deform, cave and then collapse as it is blown on in front of a high-speed camera.

Bee at 5000FPS
Grades: All
Watch a bee in ultra slow motion at 5000fps.

Time Warp - Dog Shake Short
Grades: All
Get a very close and slow look at a dog's coat! Its large stiff outer hairs help protect the skin from dirt and parasites, while the softer under-fur keeps the dog warm.

Slow Motion Compilation
Grades: All
A compilation of slow motion clips.

Match Burning In Slow-motion
Grades: All
Appreciate the beauty of fire in this slow motion clip of a simple match burning.

Lady Bug at 7000 FPS
Grades: All
Look at the way a ladybug opens and unfolds its wings in this slow motion clip.

A Beautiful Red Drop of Water in Slow-motion
Grades: All
Watch in ultra slow motion how a drop of red food color mixes in the water.

Yummy Strawberry Dropping into Milk
Grades: All
Ultra slow motion clip of a strawberry dropping into milk.

Soap Bubbles Science
Grades: All
Enter the secret world of soap bubbles!

Gull Takes Off in Slow Motion
Grades: All
A sea gull takes off in ultra slow motion.

Figure Skating in Slow Motion
Grades: All
Figure skating clip in slow motion.

Big Slow Motion Wave with a Surfer
Grades: All
An ultra slow motion clip of a surfer in a big wave.

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