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Prehistoric Animals

Prehistoric Animals

Prehistoric animals represent the hundreds of millions of extinct animal species that lived on Earth during the last 500 million years, before humans started recording history. Trilobites, dimetrodons, dinosaurs, sea monsters, flying reptiles, wooly mammoths are few of the well known types of prehistoric animals. Scientists known as paleontologists help discover much of the evolutionary history of life on Earth by studying fossils and prehistoric animal remains.
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Sea Monsters - A Prehistoric Adventure
Grades: All
Introduction to sea monsters of the prehistoric time.

Sea Monsters 1
Grades: All
Watch a dolichorhynchops as she travels through the most dangerous oceans in history.

Sea Monsters 2
Grades: All
Watch a Tusoteuthis, Xiphactinus and Tylosaur as they were 82 million years ago.

Sea Monsters 3
Grades: All
Go back 82 million years to watch a Cretoxyrhina, Protestega and Platecarpus.

Sea Monsters 4
Grades: All
Another scene from 82 million years ago with Styxosaur, Dolichorhynchops and Hesperornis.

Sharks vs. Dinosaurs
Grades: All
Find out how a dinosaur managed to outwit a shark and survive in the water. Sharks evolved long before Dinosaurs and did not rely on air to breathe.

Dinosaur Supremacy
Grades: All
Speed, agility and brute strength gave the Dinosaurs, the giant reptiles, the edge in the Triassic period. The video examines the rise and inevitable fall of the dinosaur.

Dinosaurs - Reptiles of the Skies
Grades: All
Take a closer look at the dinosaurs that evolved to dominate the skies.

South American Mega-dinosaurs
Grades: All
The video explains how enormous dinosaurs evolved when South America broke away as an individual continent, and watch the biggest meat-eating dinosaur that ever lived.

Carnotaurus vs. Iguanodon
Grades: All
Watch a Carnotaurus as it attacks a herd of Iguanodons.

Diplodocus Herd - Dinosaurs
Grades: All
The predatory skills of young Allosauruses are put to the test when they face a herd of Diplodocus.

The Smell of Prey - Dinosaurs
Grades: All
The top predator of the Jurassic period, Allosaurs, tracks a crèche of sauropods, before facing off against a 7 ton male Stegosaurus.

How Dinosaurs Fed
Grades: All
How did the dinosaurs grow so very large from just tiny hatchlings just 1 foot long? How did they feed such fantastic growth? Scientists turn to the dinosaur's closest living relatives - the alligator and crocodile - to find out.

Dinosaur Egg Fossils
Grades: All
Step back 145 million years to watch the story of 'Big Al', an adolescent Allorsaurus skeleton of found in Wyoming in 1991.

Inside the Head of a T-Rex
Grades: All
The video takes you inside the brain of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

What if Dinosaurs hadn't been Wiped Out?
Grades: All
The video looks at how different the world could have been if dinosaurs had never been wiped out.

Asteroid Attack - What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?
Grades: All
The video explores the potential explanation for the disappearance of dinosaurs, the fiercest animals ever to walk the Earth, after 140 million years of supremacy.

Asteroid Attack - Where's the evidence?
Grades: All
Watch scientists hunt for the evidence for a massive asteroid that most likely caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

T-Rex - Attack of the Dinosaur
Grades: All
Watch a mother Tyrannosaurus provide a kill to feed her young. Though small and vulnerable, the young T-Rex's already have a fierce predatory streak.

Albertosaurus vs Pachyrhinosaurus
Grades: All
Watch a pair of Albertosaurus fight a herd of Pachyrhinosaurus.

Allosaurus vs Camarasaurus
Grades: All
Watch an Allosaurus square off against a Camarasaurus.

Ceratosaurus vs Allosaurus
Grades: All
Watch a Ceratosaurus and an Allosaurus duel it out.

Digging Up Fossils in a Dinosaur Graveyard
Grades: All
Watch paleontologists hit a goldmine of dino fossils when they dig in China, and find dinosaurs piled one atop the other.

From Dinosaur to Turkey
Grades: All
Imagine you're eating a dinosaur at the Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, you won't be very far from the truth!

Prehistoric Beasts Hunting
Grades: All
Watch how the primitive ancestors of the Whale may have hunted in the coastal mangroves of the early Sahara Desert.

Strangest Prehistoric Creatures to Roam the Earth
Grades: All
Discover 25 strangest prehistoric creatures that roamed the Earth a long time ago.

Giant Prehistoric Bear
Grades: All
Learn about the gargantuan and prehistoric giant short-faced bear that stood 12 feet tall on its hind legs and weighed over a ton.

Woolly Mammoth and Other Ice Age Animals
Grades: All
The video portray a family of woolly mammoths and other ice age animals.

Are We Finally Ready To Clone A Woolly Mammoth?
Grade: 5 - 12
Since 'Jurassic Park', everyone's waiting for a cloned dino. Well, how about cloning a woolly mammoth? It's not that easy; learn about the recent discoveries that are helping this process.

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