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Numbers and Counting


Developing a good number sense early on is key to enjoying mathematics growing up. Listed below are early year math games and lessons on counting, skip counting, whole numbers, place values, expanded form, comparing and ordering numbers.
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K - 2nd Counting : 1-10   11-20,       Count : Forward   Backward   Before & After,       Even & Odd : by Count   Even or Odd   Pick Even/Odd   Fill-In  
Skip Counting : by 2's, 3's   by 5's, 10's   by 4's   by 5's   by 50's   by 100's   Mixed   Sequence
Compare Numbers : More or Less   1-10   10-20   10-100   100-200
1st - 5th Number Names : 1-10   11-20   1-20   20-100   100-1000   100-10,000,       Ordinal Numbers   Ordinal or Cardinal
Arrange Numbers : Ascending   Descending,       Skip Counting Problems
Place Values : Digit Value, #1   Digit Value, #2   Place Values   Convert Place Values   Find by Place Values   Find Digit by Place
3rd - 5th Round to the Nearest : 10, #1   10, #2   100   1000   10,000   Mixed,       Roman Numerals : 1-10   10-20   30-100   100-1000
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Learn Counting and Numbers
Grade: K - 2
Basic counting and numbers for preschoolers.

Count 1 - 10
Grade: K - 2
Preschool math lesson - Practice counting to 10.

Count 1 - 20
Grade: K - 2
Practice counting to 20.

Count to 30!
Grade: K - 2
Practice counting to 30.

Count by Two's
Grade: K - 2
Learn skip counting by two's.

Count Backwards
Grade: K - 2
A fun video on counting backwards!

Count by 2's, 5's, 10's
Grade: K - 2
Practice skip counting by 2's, 5's and 10's.

Whole Numbers - Place Value
Grade: 1 - 5
The math lesson explains the base ten system and how to write numbers in standard and word form.

Whole Numbers - Expanded Form
Grade: 1 - 5
Learn about expanded form of whole numbers. The lesson illustrates expanded form, and teaches how to change between expanded form and standard form.

Determine Place Value
Grade: 1 - 5
The lesson explains with an example the place value of different digits in a whole number.

Less Than or Greater Than using Place Value
Grade: 1 - 5
Learn how to find a number that is greater than or less than a given number using a specific place value.

Greater Than or Less Than
Grade: 1 - 5
Learn to compare numbers with the help of an alligator!

Comparing, Ordering, and Rounding Whole Numbers
Grade: 1 - 5
A tutorial on comparing, ordering, and rounding whole numbers.

Compare Whole Numbers
Grade: 1 - 5
The math tutorial shows how to compare whole numbers.

Rounding Whole Numbers by Place Value
Grade: 1 - 5
Learn how to round a whole number to different place values with help of examples.

Rounding Numbers to Nearest Hundred
Grade: 1 - 5
The video provides examples of rounding numbers to nearest hundred.

Rounding Numbers to Nearest Thousand
Grade: 1 - 5
The video provides examples of rounding numbers to nearest thousand.

Even and Odd Numbers
Grade: 1 - 5
The math lesson shows how to determine if a number is even or odd, and what you can do with even and odd numbers.

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