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Mountains are landforms that are raised steeply, forming peaks, above the surrounding terrain. Mountains are much steeper and higher than hills. Most mountains are formed by movements in the earth's crust. The height of a mountain is usually measured in meters above the sea-level. Mountains cover nearly one-quarter of Earth's land mass, and are source of most of the world's rivers.
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Planet Earth - Mountains
Grades: All
The documentary explores the main mountain ranges with extensive aerial photography.

The Early Earth and Plate Tectonics
Grades: All
Learn how Earth was formed by accretion of spatial particulates and large masses, and eventually formed an outer crust. The video takes you to the early Earth with its plates and land masses, and their movement through time.

Rockies Thrust Up
Grades: All
The video explains how the subduction of the Pacific plate beneath the North American plate caused the Rocky Mountains to rise up.

Mountains and Valleys - part 1/5
Grades: All
A wildlife documentary about the world's mountains and valleys, and the plants, animals and people that live there.

Mountains and Valleys - part 2/5
Grades: All

Mountains and Valleys - part 3/5
Grades: All

Mountains and Valleys - part 4/5
Grades: All

Mountains and Valleys - part 5/5
Grades: All

Himalaya: First View of Everest
Grades: All
Get a glimpse of world's tallest peak - Mount Everest - in Tibet's autonomous Region.

Intro to Everest: Man vs. Mountain
Grades: All
An excerpt of a documentary about the British Army's attempt to become the first Brits to summit Mount Everest via its notoriously dangerous West Ridge.

Everest Summit Panorama
Grades: All
Enjoy the spectacular view from the summit of Mount Everest that stretches 100 miles where the horizon is curved.

Mid Ocean Ridges, Volcanoes, and the Arctic
Grades: All
The presentation discusses the phenomena of tectonic plates, underwater volcanoes, and hydrothermal systems.

Mountain Biome
Grades: All
A presentation about the mountain biome featuring the snow leopard, Andean condor, the golden eagle and other wildlife.

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