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Metamorphosis is a biological process used by amphibians, arthropods, crustaceans and few other types of organisms to develop after birth into an adult form that has a significantly different physiology. Usually the transformation is abrupt and is accompanied by a change in habitat. A well known example is the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, or a tadpole into a frog.
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Science Lesson - Metamorphosis
Grades: All
Learn about metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a fascinating phenomenon because in a matter of a few days a caterpillar can transform into a completely different looking creature, a butterfly.

Butterfly Metamorphosis
Grades: All
From egg to an adult - follow the life cycle of a butterfly.

Life of a Monarch Butterfly, Time-lapse
Grades: All
The presentation uses time-lapse photography to follow the life of a Monarch caterpillar that metamorphoses into a butterfly.

Time-lapse of Butterfly Lifecycle
Grades: All
Time-lapse close up of Monarch caterpillar pupating, and later the butterfly breaking out of its chrysalis. Watch the wings expand as the belly fluids are pumped into them.

Metamorphosis of the Monarch Butterfly
Grades: All
An award winning extraordinary film that tracks a Monarch butterfly from its birth and its delicate metamorphosis from caterpillar into butterfly. It also follows its journey from country to city.

Metamorphosis - Tadpoles to Frogs
Grades: All
Metamorphosis in frogs - watch tadpoles grow into frogs, from eggs to young adults step by step.

Honey Bees - Life Cycle
Grades: All
The lesson presents the life cycle of a honey bee as an example of complete metamorphosis, the development of an insect from egg to larva, then pupa, then adult.

Ladybug Beetle Larvae Metamorphosis
Grades: All
A hippodamia ladybird beetle pupates in this time-lapse presentation.

Beetle Pupa Metamorphoses Into Adulthood
Grades: All
A time-lapse sequence of a beetle pupa metamorphosing into an adult beetle.

Dragonfly Metamorphosis
Grades: All
The video catches the moment when a water nymph changes into a dragonfly and flies away.

Life Cycle of a Dragonfly
Grades: All
Follow the life cycle of a dragonfly in this presentation.

Life Cycle of the Treehole Mosquito
Grades: All
Learn about the life cycle of the treehole mosquito.

Amazing Cicada Life Cycle
Grades: All
After lying beneath the earth for up to 17 years, cicadas venture above ground as a massive group to shed their larvae shells, sprout wings and sing for a mate.

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