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Measurement is the process of assigning a number to an attribute such as height, weight, length, width, volume, time, speed etc. based on a standardized system. Each attribute has one or more standardized unit of measurement for eg. meter for length, seconds for time, kilogram for weight and so on.
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Measurements - US Customary vs. Metric System
Grade: 2 - 8
Lesson on measurement. Learn about different types of measurement and measurement tools. Find out the history behind current measurement techniques, and learn how the US standard system of measurement and the decimal system compare.

Intro to the Metric System
Grade: 2 - 8
Learn about the Metric System - the universal way to measure many different things.

Exploring Measurement
Grade: 2 - 8
Find out if you can measure a classroom using a 'paper body?' Not everything has to be measured using a traditional ruler. You can use your body as a 'ruler' too!

Measuring Instruments - Thermometer
Grade: 2 - 8
The lesson explains the design and working of thermometers.

Measuring Instruments - Micrometer
Grade: 2 - 8
The lesson explains how a micrometer works.

Measuring Instruments - Meter Ruler
Grade: 2 - 8
The lesson explains the use of a Meter ruler.

Measuring Instruments - Vernier Ruler
Grade: 2 - 8
The lesson explains the working of a Vernier Ruler.

Measuring Instruments - Analog Stopwatch
Grade: 2 - 8
The lesson explains how an analog stopwatch works.

Measuring Instruments - Triple Beam Balance
Grade: 2 - 8
The lesson explains the working of a triple beam balance.

Measuring Instruments - Spring Balance
Grade: 2 - 8
Learn how a Spring Balance works.

Measuring Instruments - Protractor
Grade: 2 - 8
The lesson explains the use of a Protractor.

How to Convert Units - Unit Conversion Made Easy
Grade: 5 - 12
The lesson demonstrates the basics of how to convert from one unit to another. Learn to convert from meters to centimeters, pounds to kilograms, and dollars to yen.

Chemistry : Measurements and Units
Grade: 5 - 12
The presentation reviews measurements and their units used in chemistry and science in general.

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