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Magic Tricks for Kids

Learn Magic Tricks

Who doesn't like magic tricks? Here is a list of easy magic video lessons and demonstrations to help you learn magic tricks and illusions. Learn the basics of coin tricks, card tricks, levitating illusions and other magician techniques. Have fun, and amaze your friends and family!
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The Impossible Coin Vanish
Grades: All
Learn a magic trick - Vanish a coin with your bare hands.

The Coin Fold
Grades: All
Learn how to do magic right away without any difficult practice.

The Card Levitation
Grades: All
Learn this levitating card trick in minutes.

Tear and Restore a Napkin
Grades: All
Magic tricks for kids - Learn how to tear and restore a napkin.

Auto Reversal Card Magic
Grades: All
Mystify your friends as you perform this newest card trick.

Become the New Harry Potter!
Grades: All
Learn magic and be like a new Harry Potter!

Card Tricks - Street Magic
Grades: All
Find out how to perform awesome card tricks.

Three Card Monte
Grades: All
Learn the amazing 3 Card Monte magic trick.

Convince Your Friends They're Psychic
Grades: All
Amaze out your friends when you perform this trick and make them think they're psychic!

3 Magic Tricks (Easy to Do)
Grades: All
The video shows three magic tricks and the secrets behind them.

The Pop Up Card Trick Revealed
Grades: All
The video reveals beginner card tricks.

Erase The Face Card Trick Revealed
Grades: All
A tutorial for an amazing illusion card trick.

Ace Card Trick Revealed
Grades: All
Learn a nice card trick from this tutorial.

Signed and Find Card Trick Revealed
Grades: All
The tutorial reveals prediction card trick. It's not very easy so this may require some practice.

Best Coin Trick Ever
Grades: All
Learn how to do magic coin tricks just by watching this video.

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