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Glaciers are large, slow-moving rivers of ice, rock and sediment that move under the influence of gravity. They are formed by accumulation and compaction of falling snow. Glaciers grow and shrink in response to climate, and cover around 10% of Earth's land area. Glaciers are the largest reservoir of fresh water on Earth, and directly influence the sea level variation.
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Glacier Power
Grades: All
The lesson explores the power of glaciers. Go inside a glacier to see its amazing beauty and feel its raw power.

Inside a Glacier - How it Flows?
Grades: All
Incredible video from within a glacier reveals the discovery of water pockets which help glaciers flow easily. See the extraordinary power of ice as chamber chiseled out by scientists closes up in just three days.

How are Glaciers Formed?
Grades: All
Learn how glaciers are formed. Discover more about these rivers of ice.

The Action of Ice
Grades: All
The presentation describes the impact of ice on landscapes.

Giant Glaciers
Grades: All
The natural history clip re-creates the world as it would have appeared thousands of years ago. Giant sheets of ice are re-created to help demonstrate the enormous impact ice would have had on the changing climate of the world.

Alaska: Science's Glacial Strides
Grade: 2 - 12
Follow a research team led by a veteran glaciologist who is conducting research on retreating glaciers and global warming for some 20 years. Get a clear perspective on the link between glaciers and climate change.

Melting Glaciers
Grades: All
Join the scientists who are trying to figure out how global warming is causing Greenland's glaciers to speed up on their way to the sea.

Huge glaciers in Antarctica
Grades: All
The video looks at the power and size of glaciers on the frozen continent, Antarctica.

Extreme Ice
Grades: All
Watch the remarkable time-lapse footage that reveals massive glaciers and ice sheets splitting apart, collapsing, and disappearing at a rate that has more and more scientists alarmed. It is the clearest evidence of a radically warming planet.

The Extreme Ice Survey
Grades: All
The presentation focuses on melting glaciers. The Extreme Ice Survey has deployed 39 cameras on 17 glaciers in Alaska, Greenland, Iceland and the Rocky Mountains that take thousands of pictures to tell the story of climate change.

350 Days in the Life of a Retreating Glacier
Grades: All
An amazing presentation covering 350 days in the life of the retreating Mendenhall glacier near Juneau, Alaska.

Melting Glacier - Ice Breaking off
Grades: All
A spectacular video of the recent chunk of ice that broke off in the artic circle. Global warming never looked so real.

Melting Himalayan Glaciers
Grade: 2 - 12
A presentation about the recent Greenpeace expedition that went to the Himalayas to document glacial retreat there - a phenomenon that could affect the water supply of millions.

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