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Geography is a branch of science that deals with the study of the Earth, its land and other physical features, environment and its relationship to human life. It has two main sub-fields : physical geography and human geography. Physical geography deals with Earth's climate, physical structure, atmosphere, soil, rock, water and related natural processes. Human geography focuses on the study of human interaction with the environment, its cultural, social and economic aspects. Maps, geographic information systems, remote sensing satellites and statistical methods are key tools used in the field of geography.
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What is Geography?
Grades: All
Find out what is geography and what do geographers do.

Geography Lesson - Map Skills
Grades: All
Geography for kids - The lesson explains distances, scale, latitude and longitude, map directions, symbols and features, and more.

US Geography (State and Capitals)
Grades: All
A quick run through US states and their capitals.

Physical Geography - Forces that Shape Our Earth
Grades: All
The lesson explores the major landforms of our world. Learn about the various forces that affect and shape our planet including glaciers, volcanoes, rivers, lakes and oceans, gravity, tectonic plate movements, wind and temperature changes.

Physical Geography - Running Water: How It Erodes & Deposits
Grades: All
Explore the relationship of running water to the land. Learn how running water changes the surface of the Earth by eroding away rocks and then depositing it in another place. Also learn about meanders, streams, deltas, alluvial fans, waterfalls and flood plains.

What is a Cloud?
Grades: All
A lesson about the different types of clouds and cloud formation. Discover more about the relationship between clouds and weather on Earth.

What is Weather?
Grades: All
Learn about the relationship between weather and climate. Find out more about the interconnectedness of heat, air pressure, winds, and moisture to produce local weather.

What is a Tide?
Grades: All
The lesson explains how the Sun, moon, and gravity all play a role in the creation of tides and waves. It demonstrates creation of tides and waves with colorful animation.

What is a Hurricane?
Grades: All
The video explains the formation of hurricanes. Go behind the scenes with a meteorologist to learn more about how scientists predict hurricanes and hurricane formation.

Geography - Seasons
Grades: All
The presentation explains the change of seasons on Earth.

What Causes Earth's Seasons?
Grades: All
Lesson on Earth's seasons. Learn what causes the change in seasons? Earth's seasons are determined by the planet's tilt and our annual trip around the sun.

How does GPS Work
Grades: All
Learn how GPS receivers work with satellites to determine an exact location.

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