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Circulatory System for Kids

Circulatory System

The human circulatory system consists of vessels, muscles and organs that help and control the flow of the blood and lymph around the body. It is collectively composed of the cardiovascular system and the lymphatic system with the heart, arteries, capillaries, veins and the blood being the main parts. The circulatory system moves nutrients, gases, and wastes to and from cells to maintain homeostasis. It helps fight diseases, maintains body temperature and pH.
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Circulatory System
Grade: 3 - 12
A lesson about the human circulatory system, its functions and how it works in the human body.

The Circulatory System
Grade: 5 - 12
The lesson covers the circulatory system in humans. It discusses open and closed circulatory systems and 2, 3, and 4-chambered hearts. It describes the flow of blood through the human heart and the blood vessels. Also learn about the major components of blood and the causes of heart attacks.

Grade: 5 - 12
Circulatory system lesson for kids. The lesson explains the big model: artery, veins, aorta, etc.

How the Heart Works
Grade: 5 - 12
Animated presentation showing the inner structure of human heart, and how the human heart works.

Heart Anatomy
Grade: 5 - 12
A doctor walks you through an animated video about the amazing human heart.

Heartbeat Animation
Grade: 3 - 12
Animated lesson that explains how a normal heart pumps blood.

Types of Blood Vessels
Grade: 3 - 12
The video describes the different types of blood vessels, and explains how their role and function in the body.

What is Blood?
Grade: 3 - 12
Have you ever asked - what is blood? Learn about the function and composition of human blood.

How Does Blood Clot?
Grade: 5 - 12
Learn how the blood clots, and why it is so important.

Tell Me Why: Blood Types
Grade: 5 - 12
Have you ever wondered why humans have four different blood types? This video has the answer.

Blood: Path of a Red Blood Cell
Grade: 3 - 12
Follow the path of a red blood cell as it flows through the body.

Circulatory System and the Heart
Grade: 5 - 12
Circulatory system for kids - Introduction to the circulatory system and the heart.

How the Body Works : The Lymphatic System
Grade: 5 - 12
Lesson on human lymphatic system.

Lymphatic System
Grade: 5 - 12
Overview of the lymphatic system.

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