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Numbers for Kids


Numbers are symbols used in counting and measuring quantities. Listed below are video lessons to help kids learn about numerals, counting, natural numbers, integers, rational numbers, real numbers and complex numbers.
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Counting Numbers 1 - 10
Grade: K - 2
Preschool math lesson - Practice counting to 10.

Let's Count to 30!
Grade: K - 2
Preschool math lesson - Practice counting to 30.

The Number Line
Grade: K - 2
The lesson explains all about the number line. Number lines are a way of visualizing numbers.

Even and Odd Numbers
Grade: K - 2
The math lesson shows how to determine if a number is even or odd, and what you can do with even and odd numbers.

Whole Numbers - An Introduction
Grade: K - 2
An Introduction to whole numbers. Whole numbers are numbers that you can count with and include zero. Whole numbers must be positive and cannot be represented like a fraction or decimal.

Whole Numbers and Place Value
Grade: K - 5
The math lesson explains whole numbers and place values. When looking at a number, locate the ones position, tenths position and hundreds position. The position of the digit affects the value of the number.

Expanded Form
Grade: K - 5
The math lesson explains how writing a number in expanded form can be used as another way of determining the value of that number.

Prime and Composite Numbers
Grade: 2 - 6
The math video shows the difference between prime and composite numbers, and a test to see which groups any number belongs to.

What are Fractions?
Grade: 2 - 6
Introduction to fractions. The lesson shows how to find the numerator and denominator.

Fractions as Parts of a Whole
Grade: 2 - 6
The lesson explains fractions as parts of a whole number.

Decimals - An Introduction
Grade: 3 - 6
Introduction to the concept of using decimals. A decimal is any number that contains a decimal point and a value before or after it. Decimals are related to powers of ten, fractions and percentages and are very useful for the numbering system.

Prime Numbers
Grade: 3 - 6
Learn how to identify prime numbers.

Number Sets
Grade: 3 - 6
Learn about Number Sets in this lesson.

Negative Numbers
Grade: 3 - 6
The math lesson provides an introduction to negative numbers.

Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal Number Systems
Grade: 5 - 8
Conceptualizing different number systems - binary, decimal, hexadecimal.

Rational and Irrational Numbers
Grade: 5 - 8
Learn to identify, order, and graph rational and irrational numbers.

Complex Numbers, part 1
Grade: 5 - 8
The math lesson introduces complex numbers, and explains how to add, subtract and multiply complex numbers.

Complex Numbers, part 2
Grade: 5 - 8
In this lesson, learn how to divide complex numbers.

Complex Numbers - Algebra Lesson
Grade: 5 - 8
A lesson on complex numbers. In this lesson, learn that a complex number is the sum or difference of a real number and an imaginary number and can be written in a + bi form.

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