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Music Lessons for Kids

Music Lessons

Learning and playing music can be fun and enjoyable beyond words can tell. Listed below are videos of music lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin lessons, and different kinds of music and musical performances.
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How to Play Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Basic Finger Picking
Grades: All
Learn how to play the acoustic guitar. The lesson teaches the basics of finger picking. Get close ups on the pick hand to really see the technique up close.

How to Play Simple Songs on the Guitar
Grades: All
Learn how to play simple songs on the guitar. The lesson teaches basic chords and progressions in a structured easy to follow format.

Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Lesson - How to Play the Blues
Grades: All
Acoustic rhythm guitar lesson. Learn how to play the blues.

Acoustic Guitar Lesson - New Strum Pattern - Get Rhythm
Grades: All
Acoustic guitar lesson - learn a new strum pattern.

Acoustic Finger Picking Pattern - Easy Guitar Songs - Southern
Grades: All
Learn acoustic guitar finger picking pattern.

Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons
Grades: All
Acoustic guitar lesson.

Guitar Lesson - Improve Picking Dexterity, Speed and Clarity
Grades: All
Guitar lesson that teaches picking techniques and how to improve picking speed and clarity.

How To Play Violin/Fiddle - Violin Bow Technique
Grades: All
Learn the bow arm technique in this violin lesson.

How To Play Violin/Fiddle - Violin Basics - G Major Scale/ Left Hand Technique
Grades: All
Learn the violin parts and great left hand technique in this violin lesson.

How To Play Violin/Fiddle - Amazing Grace & Vibrato
Grades: All
An excellent violin lesson on vibrato, featuring the tune Amazing Grace.

How To Play Violin/Fiddle - The Swan - Position Shifting
Grades: All
A violin lesson - The Swan.

How To Play Violin/Fiddle - The Wayfaring Stranger
Grades: All
Violin lesson - learn to play the Wayfaring Stranger

How To Play Violin/Fiddle - St. Patrick's Day
Grades: All
Violin lesson - learn to play the St. Patrick's Day

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