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Amphibians are cold blooded animals that are usually born in the water but transform into air-breathing adults. Frogs, toads, salamanders, newts are examples of amphibians. Amphibians typically have four limbs and they live in and out of water.
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African Bullfrog
Grades: All
Discover facts about African bullfrogs. African bullfrogs are known for the amount of parental investment the males put into the tadpoles.

Poison Dart Frog
Grades: All
How deadly are the poison dart frogs at the Smithsonian's National Zoo? Let's finds out.

The Year of the Frog
Grades: All
World Campaign for conservation of frogs.

Cane Toad
Grades: All
Discover facts about cane toads. Cane toads, also known as marine toads, are tropical and prefer to live near semi-permanent bodies of water.

Red-Backed Salamander
Grades: All
Discover facts about red-backed salamanders. Red-backed salamanders are terrestrial and live in deciduous forests.

Giant Japanese Salamanders
Grades: All
Learn about giant salamanders, some growing up to 5-feet in length, who face a barrier of dams in Japan, built to control flooding. Now it's hoped a new system will help these giant amphibians get upstream past the dams to lay their eggs.

Grades: All
Discover facts about caecilians. Caecilians are amphibians that superficially resemble earthworms or snakes.

Britain in Cold Blood - The Amphibians
Grades: All
The common toad, frog and newt of the UK in British woodland.

Grades: All
A naturalist discusses Amphibians.

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